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Team SLV

Ashley (Gersuk) Murphy

Chief Executive Officer

Phone: 720.609.2324 x1101


High School: Albany Academy for Girls (NY)
College: Northwestern University
Favorite Pro Sports Team: Red Sox & Blackhawks
Favorite Athlete: Mia Hamm - a Champion and a trailblazer for female athletes.
Favorite Pro/College Sports Moment: Winning the 2005 National Championship with my teammates.
Personal Best Sports Moment: That same moment above. Also up there is winning the NY State Hockey Championship with the Troy-Albany Ice Cats.
Favorite Tournament/Camp Venue: Lake Placid, NY
Favorite Sports Quote: "It has been a magical season for Northwestern. They know better than anyone else, perhaps, that the most important part of making magic is simple: You gotta believe."
Favorite Non-Sport Activity: Travel. I am inspired by how diverse and beautiful the world is – the sights and sounds of a new place put life in perspective.
Favorite Band: Longest Standing – Billy Joel // “Current” – Mumford & Sons
Special Talent: Skiing – not a special talent, but I love it, and there's nothing like a bluebird day in the mountains.

Here's To Now - Ugly Cassanova

High School: Scarsdale High School (NY)
College: Niagara University
Favorite Pro Sports Team: NY Rangers

Favorite Athlete: Brian Leetch
Favorite College/Pro Sports Moment: NY Rangers Stanley Cup, 1994
Personal Best Sports Moment: Syracuse University Men's Lacrosse National Championship, 2008
Favorite Tournament/Camp Venue: Lake Placid, NY
Favorite Sports Quote: "Do you believe in Miracles? Yes"
Favorite Non-Sport Activity: Playing guitar and mandolin.
Favorite Band: Sam Bush Band
Special Talent: Surrounding myself with great people

George Leveille

Principal & Strategic Advisor

Phone: 720.609.2324 x103


Kevin Leveille

Event & Brand Director

Phone: 720.609.2324 x1104
Instagram: @kleveille1991
Twitter: kevin_leveille

High School: The Albany Academy (NY)
College: University Of Massachusetts
Favorite Pro Sports Team: NY Rangers
Favorite Athlete: Mike Richter
Favorite College/Pro Sports Moment: NY Rangers Stanley Cup, 1994
Personal Best Sports Moment: Captain of 2014 United States Mens National Lacrosse Team
Favorite Tournament/Camp Venue: Lake Placid, NY
Favorite Sports Quote: "Back-check like mad dogs" - Bill LaFluer
Favorite Non-Sport Activity: Spending time with my family
Favorite Band: Phish, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan; all tied at #1
Special Talent: I can do the 'tractor-beam' noise a la Jim Carey, Dumb and Dumber.

Bibles & Bourbon - Mike Powell

High School: Glenbrook North High School (IL)
College: University of Montana
Favorite Pro Sports Team: Chicago Cubs, Blackhawks, and Bears
Favorite Athlete: Jeremy Roenick 
Favorite Pro/College Sports Moment: Chicago Cubs winning the 2016 World Series!
Personal Best Sports Moment: Bantam Level Hockey - Scoring the game-winning goal with 2.3 seconds left to win the Northbrook Bluehawks Thanksgiving Hockey Tournament. I will never forget it!
Favorite Tournament/Camp Venue: LPSC
Favorite Sports Quote: “Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it.” – George “Papa Bear” Halas
Favorite Non-Sport Activity: Playing music
Favorite Band: The Beatles
Special Talent: Self-taught musician

Blake Schierer

Program & Event Director

Phone: 720.609.2324 x1102


Eric Witmer

Program Associate & Customer Success Leader

Phone: 720.609.2324 x1106


High School:  Oswego High School (NY)
College:  SUNY College at Brockport (NY)
Favorite Pro Sports Team: Miami Dolphins, Colorado Mammoth, Philadelphia Flyers, Denver Nuggets
Favorite Athlete: Current: Jarvis Landry, Wayne Simmons, Kenneth Faried. Past: Dan Marino, Eric Lindros, Chris Andersen
Favorite Pro/College Sports Moment: Being a part of the first men’s lacrosse team to make a post season appearance for Brockport.
Personal Best Sports Moment:  The best goal I have ever scored was during lacrosse practice in the gym my freshman year at Brockport. I will never forget it. 
Favorite Tournament/Camp Venue:  Lake Placid
Favorite Sports Quote: “Don’t look back or think, just run” -S. Miller
Favorite Non-Sport Activity: I love to cook, hike, ski, and enjoy a good book. 
Favorite Band:  The Beatles, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones
Special Talent: I took Irish dance for a semester in college. I still know a few steps.

Independent Contractors

Tom Abbott

Tom Abbott

Director of Men's Officials

Sue Cherney

Sue Cherney

LPSC Summit Supply Manager

Richard Gross

Richard Gross

SLV Tournament Staff Director

Todd Kelly

Todd Kelly

LTSC Facility & Operations Manager

Marty Ruglis

Marty Ruglis

Quality Control Director

Casey Vock

Casey Vock

Media Manager - LPSC

Tom  Broderick

Tom Broderick

Northwood School Liasion & Manager

Mike  DeRossi

Mike DeRossi

Co-Founder LPSC, Vendor & Merchandise Advisor

Jon  Howard

Jon Howard

Facility & Operations Manager

Andrea  Lister

Andrea Lister

LPSC Records & HR Manager

Gerry Rodriguez

Gerry Rodriguez

LTSC Facility & Operations Manager

Jim  Case

Jim Case

Director of Sports Medicine

Ron  Greenfield

Ron Greenfield

Event Operations Manager & Northstar Director of Sports Performance

Jeff Jacques

Jeff Jacques

Facility & Operations Manager

John F.  Morgan

John F. Morgan

Director of Lake Placid Community Relations & Marketing

Dan Witmer

Dan Witmer

SLV Tournament Competition Manager