Dave White (Iroquois) posts up against a Mohawk Lacrosse Club defender

From its modest beginning in 1990, there were several major changes in store for the 1991 Summit. Perhaps the most notable was the addition of a major sponsor, Coors Light, in conjunction with Lake Placid area distributor, Don Scammell, Inc. Also, a Masters Division of competition was added in 1991. Leveille had traveled to Vail in June of 1990 to play masters ball and was impressed with the depth of interest in this level of competition. While the wheels in the Masters division were not quite up to the Open standard, the high quality of play that Leveille saw in Vail dispelled any thoughts that over thirty meant over the hill in lacrosse.

The eight team Open division in 1991 introduced several new teams to the Summit including teams from Westchester and Rochester, New York, and the full Iroquois Nationals squad which ensured there would be more talent and fiercer competition in the Open division. Also new in 1991 was the selection of tournament all-star teams in both the Open and Masters divisions. And, in tribute to that lacrosse legend 'the Gilman', another special competition was added as competitors vied for the longest throw championship. 

The Sailin' Shoe drew upon their depth and world class experience to capture the Harkness Trophy again in 1991.