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Lake Placid Summit Youth Classic

Event Details

June 27-29, 2022
Lake Placid, NY
Grad 2024-2031

Competitive and fun youth lacrosse tournament in the heart of the Adirondacks, with an exciting festival atmosphere. Focused on player development through balanced competition and fun off-field activities. Vacation opportunity with a schedule built to concentrate games, allowing plenty of time to enjoy local Adirondack-style activities with family, friends and teammates.

5 Guaranteed Games

High Quality Fields & Facilities

Concentrated Game Schedule

Olympic Attractions 

Lake Placid, NY

Division Deposit Total Due 4/1, Deposit Included
16U: 2024-2025 $600 $2100
14U: 2026-2027 Gold $600 $1975
14U: 2026-2027 Silver $600 $1975
12U: 2028-2029 Gold $600 $1975
12U: 2028-2029 Silver $600 $1975
10U: 2030-2031 $500 $1700

This event is part of The US Lacrosse Sanctioning Program, which provides best practices for tournament operators in order to create a more safe and consistent event. Through the adoption of the Sanctioned Tournament Standards, tournaments commit to providing the best possible lacrosse experience. 

All tournament participants must be current US Lacrosse members in order to participate. US Lacrosse membership numbers will be collected and verified when completing tournament waivers. If you are not currently a member, or your membership is set to expire during the event, please visit US Lacrosse to register.

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