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Sports Action Photos At The Tournament

By Bill Gambino, 06/12/19, 2:30AM EDT



My name is Bill Gambino, I am a Photographer that specializes in Action Sports Photography.    I've been Taking images of my own kids games for years and this year decided it was time to start a business offering the photos.  I am the exclusive Action Sports Photographer for the Lake Placid Youth Lacrosse Tournament on July 1, 2 an 3, 2019 and I am looking forward to three great days of Action Photos! 

The process is easy, Visit my website , look under the Lake Placid tourney menu and you will see pricing and Info which explains the costs and at the bottom is a green "Pre-Register" button.  Press that and it'll take you to a form to fill out to request your time slots....Time slots are limited and will definitely fill up fast.  The form  information will be forwarded to me, I'll verify availability and send out an invoice to the email address. If all requested time slots have already been booked, I'll send out a rejection email letting you know...but please check in at the event to see if the semi or championship game has been booked yet!  Once payment is made, a confirmation email will go out with the time scheduled.  Payment must be received with in 24 hours after invoicing or the time slot will be released

Once at the event....Stop at the booth or see me in the field, get your yellow band, place the band over your right cleat like a lace holder and go out and play hard....I'll be at the time scheduled game, I'll grab as many action photos as I can during the first half of the game, After the event is over, I'll process them all and post them on my website, I'll email you a link and a download password.  You can download all the images and share them, print them or anything else you want...they are yours to will own the copyright with the exception of allowing me to use them as part of my advertising in whole or in part with or without modifications.

Each client should receive a minimum of 20 digital images depending on action during the game and with no maximum limit.  (Typical 30 minute session usually produce between 40-70 images) .  All clients must pre-register, I only take photos of my clients, no random game photos will be taken.  

Additional prints , mugs, buttons and tons of other goodies can be ordered directly from the website if you wish or you can go out and print them themselves as you own the copyright to the images.  I believe that the pricing is competitive and the order is delivered directly to your door.

You can view some of my work at

I look forward to providing you with some great action photos during the Tournament!!!