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Welcome to the Northstar Class of 2020!

By Northstar, 10/16/19, 10:30AM EDT


Dear 2020 NSI Athletes...

Dear 2020 Northstar Invitational Athlete,

Congratulations! You have been identified as a leader, on and off the field, amongst many talented lacrosse players across the US and Canada. We hope you are very proud of your distinction, and we are proud to have you join our Northstar family.

2020 will mark Northstar's 9th year, and we are proud to offer attending student athletes from all over the US and Canada a truly unique and valuable experience. Much has changed since Northstar was established in 2012; the talent and athleticism of athletes your age, the recruiting process, even the game itself has evolved - both in rules, and in the way it’s played. We too have evolved, with the simple goal of raising the bar each year - we aim to be one year better, smarter, and more dynamic. Each year, we tweak the program to stay fresh and maximize your experience. With that said, our focus and mission has withstood: calculated and purposeful curriculum, strong competition, and valuable education in leadership, mental fitness, sports performance, and the recruiting process. The beautiful backdrop of the Adirondacks and Lake Placid's historic sports atmosphere contribute significantly to Northstar's character.

The level of play and caliber of teammates you have at Northstar will likely be amongst the most high quality you will see until college, providing a metric for you to measure yourself against high-level peers nationally and beyond. Each of you is likely amongst the best on your high school and club teams; the concentration of talent, of athletes “like you” gives you the opportunity to raise the bar. We hope the level of play and caliber of your teammates, on and off the field, inspires you to work harder and be better.

While we believe development is paramount, more than ever in today’s recruiting climate, we recognize that each of you strives to achieve your athletic and academic potential. Whether you are a rising freshman, or anticipating “your” September 1 as a rising junior, your highest priority should be to become the strongest student athlete you can be. Each element of the Northstar curriculum intends to give you a dynamic experience during your few days with us, and provide insight for you to take away. We aim to share our knowledge and experience and play a meaningful role in your development, process, and preparation. Information is power; using our collective resources, we are eager to offer you as much as possible. Hard work, combined with strategic and focused preparation, will put you in the best position to achieve your goals. Well over 300 Northstar athletes have committed and/or gone on to compete for NCAA Women’s Lacrosse programs. We are proud to see these athletes make an impact at the collegiate level.

Northstar is operated and instructed by carefully chosen individuals who have shaped the game at its highest levels. In addition to 30+ years of experience in operating premier lacrosse events, Northstar’s leaders have touched lacrosse at every level - from High School prospects (or parents of) ourselves, to the highest levels of Division I lacrosse, to World Cups with Team USA. Over the years, we have built valuable relationships with coaches and leaders across all levels of the lacrosse industry; we leverage this lacrosse network and “know how” to offer an exclusive opportunity to the next generation of leaders.

Northstar aims to offer a unique and first-class lacrosse experience in the historic Adirondack Olympic Village of Lake Placid. Our goal is for you to leave Northstar as a better, more educated, more inspired, and more
well-rounded athlete and person, who positively impacts their teams and communities - both present and future.

We will be in touch as we get closer to Northstar, and in the meantime, please feel free to reach out to us. Congratulations!!