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Dr. Mara Smith Elevates Mental Fitness To The Forefront

By SLV Staff, 06/19/19, 8:30PM EDT


Northstar Purpose: Support every Northstar athlete in their quest to be the best. We believe in the whole package; skills, sports performance, academics, leadership, and last but not least --- mental fitness. As individuals who have experienced lacrosse (and other sports) at every level, we strongly believe that mental skills are as important as physical skills.

Dr. Mara Smith: Working with a broad spectrum of elite athletes, Mara's focus is on building mental skills which benefit athletes in all sports at all levels. Dr. Smith helps athletes develop a repertoire of mental skills, enabling them to handle whatever comes their way. She has become a pioneer in the concept of Mental Strength and Conditioning.

Mara’s Mission:

99% of athletes believe there is a mental component to their sport.

90% of athletes have a physical strength and conditioning plan to develop and maintain the physical aspects of their sport (i.e. power and strength, endurance, speed, and injury prevention).

Only 6% of athletes have a mental strength and conditioning plan.

I am on a mission to change that.