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LPSC 2020 Intended Operating Plan - 6/15/20

By LPSC Staff, 06/15/20, 3:45PM EDT


Thank you for your communication over the past 10 days. It has been great to directly connect with many of you. We appreciate your support and involvement tremendously and have taken all feedback into consideration as best possible given our circumstances.

To follow is the plan for LPSC 2020, to the best of our knowledge and intentions as of today. We are pleased to inform you that this plan has received community support from Lake Placid, but we remain subject to NY State Guidelines surrounding recreational events and group activity. On/around July 1st, it is anticipated that Lake Placid’s North Country region will enter Phase 4, and NYS will issue guidance accordingly.

If you are willing and able to stick with us, to follow are our planned parameters:

•    Dates of Play by Division: CLICK HERE

•    Player-Focused Game Format:

o    Placid 2020 will not be a typical experience. Our simple goal is to get players playing lacrosse in a beautiful place with significant off-field, outdoor opportunity. 

o    Total 4 games; no championship format is anticipated, subject to how circumstances evolve. Games will be scheduled in advance without TBD games. Schedule to be condensed into back-to-back games (with rest) as possible.

o    2021 seeds and standings will not be determined by 2020 event.

•    You will not lose your spot if you do not participate in 2020.

o    We anticipate a limited number of attendees per field to include staff/officials, players, coaches, and spectators. We are targeting a 125-person limit per field (5 staff, 60 persons per team). Exact quantity is subject to future guidance.

o    We anticipate that teams may find themselves with a partial group of families who are able to participate. If you find your team in this position, please let us know, and we will connect groups to potentially combine / join forces.

•    Scholastic, Men's/Women's 18+ & Women's 30+ Final Decision Date: 7/1/2020

•    Scholastic, Men's/Women's 18+ & Women's 30+ Balance Charge Date: 7/8/2020

•    Men's 30+ - 65+ Balance Charge: We will continue to delay the balance due date until we have a clear picture of what lies ahead, as not to add any additional burden.

•    Safety Operating Plan: With guidance, we are developing a plan which will require various modifications on behalf of us as operators and you as participants, to include pre-event screening, social distancing, face coverings, hygiene/sanitization procedures, adjusted game play, etc. This plan will be published in advance, and staff/attendees will be required to comply. 

•    Player Registration: We are in the process of rebuilding player registration to factor COVID-related guidelines. We will roll out this system on/around 7/1, and it will be necessary that 100% of players complete this process, in advance, to play. Everyone’s cooperation will be essential.

If you have decided that your team is unable to join us, or to wait any longer for definitive information, we completely understand. Please see attached for your options and inform us of your choice.

We believe this is the only potential path forward in 2020. We are hopeful to receive enough information and guidance between now and 7/1 to feel comfortable hosting the 31st Lake Placid Summit Classic. While we continue to do everything in our power to make it happen this summer, it is our highest priority to make sure we can operate for another 30 years, and will/would never risk the Lake Placid Lacrosse community as it is at the core of who we are.

Please let us know if you do not plan to join us, and we will process and remove you from subsequent communications. If you do still plan to join us, we will be in touch as soon as any further information becomes available, and no later than 7/1. Further, the website has been adjusted to reflect our new plan forward, so please continue to use the site a tool for information and updates.

With gratitude,

Kevin & the Lake Placid Summit Classic Team