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2020 LPSC Session 1 & Session 2 Cancellation Notice

By LPSC Staff, 06/25/20, 10:15AM EDT


Hello All,

It is with extreme disappointment and sadness that we inform you that we are not permitted to host Session 1 (August 3-9) and Session 2 (August 10-16) Lake Placid Summit Classic in August. After an exhaustive effort of anticipating, planning, and turning over every possible stone, we have received the call we dreaded.

While we have known this to be a possibility all along, we truthfully thought that with enough creative planning, leverage of deep-rooted local relationships, and determination/relentless effort, we could pull it off, but it is clear that the global, economic, and social impacts of this insidious virus are far bigger than we are.

While this was ultimately not our decision, we trust the leaders of Lake Placid, who have supported us and our efforts since day one, and we acknowledge the extreme challenges they face as a small community of ~2,500 residents. We know this decision was difficult for them as well, and it is our highest priority to ensure that we can operate there for another 30 years. Further, you are at the core of who we are, and we would never risk the well-being of our lacrosse community, or the Lake Placid community.

Thank you so much to each of you for your continued support and engagement throughout this very uncertain time. You gave us the energy and motivation to keep fighting, and we sincerely wish the outcome were different for all of us.

In addition to our disappointment not to be together with all of you in August in our favorite place, we cannot hide the significant impact this has on us as a small business. We will do everything in our power to pick up the pieces, sustain our organization, and redirect our attention to planning for Placid 2021.

In the meantime, please review our “LPSC 360 Program” (e-mailed to admins) and inform us of your decision as it relates to your 2020 funds. While there is an administrative fee associated with both credit and refund options, we have passed as little of the burden as possible to you, as we deal with this significant setback. The totality of the coronavirus’ impact on us, the lacrosse industry, and our economy as a whole remains unknown, but we have a deep desire to rebuild with the solidarity and support of our community.

We were excited as ever to deliver lacrosse to you in Placid this summer, and wish everyone continued health and safety as we navigate our way back to the game we all love.

With Gratitude,

George, Ashley, Kevin, Blake & Eric

PS. For anyone who is also involved in the LPSC divisions which have been postponed to September (Men’s 30+ - 65+), we are still moving forward as planned and are hopeful that our event will be permitted by late September.