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2020 LPSC Session 3 Cancellation Notice

By SLV Staff, 08/07/20, 3:45PM EDT


Hello All,

With disappointment, we inform you that we are not permitted to host Session 3 of the 31st Lake Placid Summit Classic next month. We have contingency planned, followed every development, leveraged deep local relationships, waited, and turned over every stone. We have known this to be a possibility all along but held hope that we could deliver, and gave it every determined and relentless effort we had.

In good conscience, even if restrictions were expanded to enable play beyond groups of 50 and into ‘contact lacrosse’, both currently prohibited in NYS, we do not feel that we can reasonably host you in a multi-state, multi-game event without compromising our values, your experience, and our commitment to you. You have been at the core of who we are for 31 years - we would never risk your well-being or that of Lake Placid.

Beyond the disappointment of ‘losing’ our cherished LPSC this summer, we cannot hide the significant impact this pandemic continues to have on our small business. This marks our 12th cancelled event of the summer. We will do everything in our power to pick up the pieces, sustain our organization, and redirect our attention to planning for 2021. Thankfully, planning and registration for the 2021 LPSC begins now.

Thank you for your continued engagement and flexibility throughout this uncertain time. You gave us the energy to keep fighting and we sincerely wish the outcome were different for all of us. Please review our “LPSC 360 Program” (sent to team leaders) and inform us of your decision as it relates to 2020 funds. While there is an administrative fee associated with both options, we have passed as little of the burden as possible to you, as we deal with this significant setback. The totality of the coronavirus’ impact remains unknown, but we have a deep desire to rebuild with the solidarity and support of our community.

Linked please find a letter from our founder, George Leveille.

We wish everyone continued health and good spirits as we navigate our way back to the game we all love.

With Gratitude,

Kevin, Ashley, Blake, Eric & George