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Ridgefield's Colseys playing lacrosse together for first time, for their Hall of Fame father

By Michael Fornabaio, 04/12/21, 10:00AM EDT


RIDGEFIELD — They know, obviously. Your father’s in the national hall of fame for your sport, somebody’s going to bring it up, even if you never really saw him play anywhere but on video.

Maybe the kids saw a tournament in Lake Placid, N.Y., Ryan Colsey asked his father last week. “By that time you were already, like, 35.”

Roy Colsey laughed. “I was over the hill by then.”

Now Ryan and Kyle Colsey are set to make a little family history of their own.

They figured they’d played together a little bit in box lacrosse, but the brothers are together at attack for No. 2 Ridgefield, Ryan a junior, Kyle a freshman.

“I think we work well together, definitely complement each other,” Kyle said.

“If I make a mistake... he just tells me what to do and it works out pretty well.”

Added his older brother, “it’s nice to know that one person on the team always has your back no matter what. Even if you make a mistake, you’ll at least have one guy support you no matter what.”

Roy Colsey, a midfielder who was inducted into the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame in 2012 after starring at Syracuse and in a long pro career, said the brothers will work well together. He said that Ryan is a little more of a feeder and Kyle has an excellent shot, though they can both do more than that and he expects the team to have plenty of other offensive contributors, too.

All that has shown up over the first few games. Kyle scored eight goals against St. Joseph in his first varsity game last week, and Ryan had five assists. They’ve both also contributed to wins over No. 5 New Canaan and No. 6 Fairfield Prep, and both scored in Tuesday’s 14-7 loss to No. 1 Darien.

Their off-field bond is one thing, as is what they know about each other’s games from watching each other play, but their father is eager to watch their on-field understanding of each other develop over two seasons.

“I think we work pretty well together in terms of offense,” Ryan said. “I know what he likes to do on offense. He knows what I like to do. So we have pretty good chemistry.”

They played floor hockey when they were very young with left-handed sticks, which helped make them lefty players in lacrosse.

“The top hand is the dominant hand in hockey. It’s the opposite in lacrosse,” Ryan said.

They’re both football players as well. (Roy said his third son, sixth-grader Christopher, leans a little more toward football right now.)

Playing lacrosse as well seems inevitable, but they say it wasn’t something pushed on them.

“Ryan’s always been very much a thinker, always had a really strong mind as far as quarterback in football, running the offense,” Roy said. “So he’s a step ahead with his brain and with his IQ. Kyle is physically always a step ahead. He’s lightning quick, very, very tough to cover (but) a little more raw. Ryan’s super-polished, smooth, Kyle more electric.”

Several of the Tigers’ key players are Ryan’s classmates, and Roy has coached a lot of them since they were young. Adding Kyle into the mix, Roy said he thought the first game with the two brothers on the same field might be a bit emotional, but the job distracted him from it.

“It’s almost like I forgot about them, you know what I mean?” he said. “I heard Kyle’s name over the loudspeaker, whatever of the early goals it was, that was first time I was like, ‘oh yeah, he’s out here.’

“It’s nice. I hope they can cherish this time. It’s such a small window in their lives, such a special time.”

Ryan, who scored 46 goals and had 45 assists as a freshman, has committed to play at Virginia in two years. And no, he said, there wasn’t any pressure to go to Syracuse like Dad. Ryan said he’ll always have a soft spot for the Orange, but Virginia was where he felt he belonged.

“When I visited, I absolutely loved it,” Ryan said. “Everything about playing at an ACC school is amazing. It was definitely my dream to play at an ACC school. To play top competition in the country all the time is cool, and the academics are great.”

It’s a little early for Kyle to have to make up his mind, but he liked Virginia, too.

“It’ll probably be cool to see how this season goes,” Kyle deadpanned as his father and brother laughed, “if I like playing with him all the time. For four more years, I just...”; @fornabaioctp