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Event Operations & Safety

By LPSYC Staff, 05/13/21, 4:00PM EDT


Adults Vaccinated; Recommended For Minors Eligible

We are very excited to announce that after having met with Lake Placid leadership this week, we have received approval to operate next month, contingent on our effective implementation of NYS and local Guidelines. Lake Placid is a very small community, with one of the lowest COVID-19 case totals in the country, but significant repercussions from the past year remain. Lake Placid leadership will require all adult (18+) event participants (coaches, parents) to be vaccinated, and it is highly recommended that all those under age 18, who are eligible, are vaccinated as well. As of today, Lake Placid is requiring masks. This could change. Lastly, the spectator limit will be in accordance with NYS guidelines at the time.

We are tracking COVID-19 guidelines daily, and have been for the last 365+ days. We will alert you to any adjustments and/or updates as quickly as possible.

Our intent is to get you all back on the field, in a safe environment for participants, spectators, as well as the local host community. Following the guidelines provided will ensure the safest possible event atmosphere for all.

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