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Merry & Bright 2021

By Eric Witmer, 12/17/21, 11:15AM EST


It's certainly easiest to look at the year that was and pick out the trials and tribulations. We all had them, without exception, as we continue to emerge from a global phenomenon and find new ways to enjoy the little things. Nothing good is easy, and you may have to dig through the last 350+ days to find the best parts, but we assure you the good stuff is at the bottom once you start.

For most of us, maybe the good parts were as simple as getting back to the fields after a year that will go down in history for too many reasons to re-hash. Maybe we used to take it for granted, that it was a given we could go out and play anytime we wanted, but now, we all know how it felt to not pick up sticks, whistles, flags, and folding chairs for far too long. We hope everyone found their way back to the fields safely this year, in whatever fashion you most enjoy. However you do it, remember to stay positive, test negative, and always support the players on the field to compete safely. We have a whole portion of our waivers built around this - can you believe it?! 

Maybe you celebrated the milestones of life in 2021 - we sure as heck did and boy do we hope you did too. For some it's a second-child's first birthday party like our CEO Ashley just had. Or perhaps the final third to the future fourth-line of the NYR was born like at Kev's house. Maybe you got engaged like Blake did - not a single colloquialism needed here, that's just a pure union of exalted caliber in need of unfettered jubilation. Maybe you just turned 30 like me and are still waiting for this to all make any form of sense and everything fall into place. Any day now. 

It's impossible to encapsulate all the things - good, bad, and otherwise - that we all endure over the days, weeks, and months of our individual and collective circumstances. Just don't ever forget your teammates, coaches, and fans that are there for you always, and no matter the hurdles, we all end up merry & bright together at the end. We wish you the best of reflections as you take a look backward and inward, and we can't wait to see you again soon as we all head onward, and upward. 

A merry & bright holiday season to you all, from Team SLV.