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100 Days Later

By Eric Witmer, 03/10/17, 10:45AM EST


I have now sat at a desk, in an office, in the heart of downtown in a major city for 100 days. I’m not sure who decided 100 days should be a unit of measurement for accomplishment, but I bet they’re a fan of the metric system.  I’d also bet there is a historical figure to thank for the notion of 100 days being a time frame in which select people’s feats can be judged, however, I will not google this question, because then this introduction would have the be redone.

For 100 days, I have been gainfully employed by Summit Lacrosse Ventures, the greatest company to work for in all the land. I have made a point of saying it to my three colleagues, but any job I don’t have to request time off for to head to the Lake Placid Summit Classic each year is a legitimate dream come true. I thought I had the best job ever when I was hired to bartend at Barbers Taproom & Grill (shout out Brockport, NY’s #1 bar), but two weeks into the job I had to post about 12 shifts to get covered, as it was time for the yearly lacrosse pilgrimage, to a little slice of heaven on Earth, now known as the North Elba Athletic Fields. But I digress, if you want to hear me pour my heart out over Lake Placid, just ask, I’m happy to gush and fangirl over the town and tournament anytime.

Back to this 100 days concept – what have I done in just over three months? I find myself asking where the day went as I exit the building nightly, so trying to take wide angle, retrospective look at the last 100 days, and convey the 250+ things I have learned, is just a tidbit challenging. My nightly note taking of daily life lessons has been less than meticulous since November 16, but there’s Instagram pages you can follow for those, some even have scenic pictures! Now, after about eight seconds of deliberation, I believe I have gathered some brief nuggets of knowledge to share.

Public Transit. What. A. Treat. I’ve ridden NYC subways, Philly, Los Angeles, and most recently Denver, and the people watching and sanitation have never been better. Take the train people, wherever you are. I will not condone the bus, because tardiness is perpetual and traffic is too big a factor. Nobody likes traffic, so if at all feasible, do your part and evacuate to a safe place, like a train car.

Excel. Microsoft Excel is an emotional roller coaster. It’s like in Space Jam, when the pros get their talent stolen. One minute I’m feeling like an Excel elitist, the next I can’t click and drag or make 5+5 equal 10. With great power, comes great possibility for confusion, so do what I do, and Google everything. It works better than you’d think, trust me, I’m an amateur professional.

Some days the internet crashes and the roof leaks sewage. Others is 70 and sunny. Thus is life.

Snowshoeing. Skiing. One is plodding along, and the other is flying down a hill at high speed (with occasional breaks to roll and tumble), but both have been exhausting and world class experiences with my new colleagues. Wouldn’t trade the company or venue for anything.

 Prague. Just a week ago, I booked passage to my first international lacrosse game. My brother is a contributor to Lax All Stars and has some awesomely bizarre globe-trotting lacrosse extravaganza planned once ski season ends. I’ll be meeting up with him in the Czech Republic to play in the Ales Hrebesky Memorial Tournament as a member of the Glasgow Clydesiders. Allegedly we are the unofficial Team Scotland.

My new favorite local sports team has been a mammoth of a good time recently. The Colorado Mammoth games are the games to see right now in Denver. The Avalanche and the Nuggets have been having turbulent years, and the Mammoth have been doing big things. They toppled the previously undefeated Georgia Swarm a few weeks back, and just Friday I saw a man score so many goals, fans threw their socks at him in a show of respect!

My two favorite men’s D3 programs have kicked off their seasons. The Delhi Broncos, coached by friend Sam Miller, are off to a rocky start after a long road trip to start the season. Four games in six days does not bode well for many, but without a doubt I believe the Broncos will bounce back. The same goes for my Golden Eagles of Brockport. With an OT loss and a one goal loss to begin the year, I see no reason to count the boys out from getting right back to where they were last year, and hopefully beyond.

 Finally, in the last 100 days, I’ve gotten some work swag! I was graciously gifted a very nice hoodie, and a long sleeve. Oh, and health insurance, and I get paid a celery these days! I went and got myself a CO license, so I don’t feel too much like the new guy, but haven’t managed to rid myself of my NY license plates just yet. They don’t let you smile for your picture here, fun fact. I know there’s more to come than I can estimate on the SLV swag front, which is nice as it can supplement my Brockport lacrosse & Barber’s grill t-shirt collection. I obviously owe many more thanks to Summit for employing me, and providing me with the means to live in Denver, for which I am eternally grateful. In the relatively short time I have been here, I’ve been privileged to see and do more than I expected, of which I hope I painted a brief, yet informative scene for you in these here paragraphs.

At the end of the day, it all comes back to lacrosse. The same place I traveled to as a kid at my father’s side to read books while others played lacrosse, is now the venue for multiple events that are my duty to help oversee. The goal? Make sure that future Placid transients enjoy their stay, no matter how brief, enough that they make it a point to come back, hopefully every year they possibly can.

Just 145 more days until Placid ’17 kicks off, I sincerely hope to see you all there!


Eric Witmer