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Q & A With Legend of Lake Placid Lax: Lyn Reitenbach

By Kevin Leveille, 05/19/17, 8:15AM EDT


Do you still attend the LPSC?

YES, have not missed a year since 1997 As a participant or spectator? Played in every women's division ever. Attempted to start Women's Masters in early 2000's. 

What is your first memory of the Lake Placid Summit Classic?

Coming to LP with my children Marley 6 and Paolo 3, to be part of the Sailin' Shoe family in 1997. We started the women's division shortly after that (1998?). 

What is your fondest memory of the Lake Placid Summit Classic? 

Too many to pick one. Team Simeons first Championship, so many incredble times with Sarah Queener and my team. Playing with Jen Adams, doing the hidden ball trick with one of the greatest players to play the game, and her sending me out with the ball! Playing with my daughter for many years. 

If you had to name one quintessential feature of the tournament, that we should always maintain, what would it be?

George and Mike, all the people.....the High Peaks, my family, nuclear and lacrosse, gathering together each August.


What is your favorite thing to do in Lake Placid, off-field?

Jump in the lake after a game, seeing everyone on Main St. 


What is/was your favorite LP restaurant or establishment?

Black Bear.....long gone. 


Who was the best player you played with and/or against in Lake Placid?

Too many to name. Played against Kristin Kjellman and oodles of the games greats. Played with Sarah Queener, Jen Adams, Dana Dobbie, Kara Cannizzaro, Kayla Treanor, Sara Averson, Kristen Taylor


Have you had family members who have also played in Lake Placid?

Brothers Keith and Bruce, daughter Marley, Son Paolo, Cousin Rob Pannell.


In what year did you first attend the Summit?


Do you still play lacrosse?

I hope so, recent skiing accident may sideline me this summer but I will try to take a run to keep my streak alive


What line of work are/were you in? Are you retired? 

School social worker/Coach/Laxified.  NO

What are your current hobbies?

Sports and activities of all types Travel, wine and food, live music, festivals/concerts


Colleges and/or HS teams your root for?

Syracuse, Cornell, Ithaca HS. Wherever my son gets a coaching job. 

Favorite sports moment (personal)?

Beating Princeton my Senior year (1985)

Favorite sports moment (general)?

Paolo scoring the 1st and last goals in regulation this year against Carolina. Hopefully to be replaced on Memorial Day!