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Divisional Play Timeframes

By Kevin Leveille, 06/15/17, 6:45PM EDT


When You Need To Be In LP

In an effort to help you plan for the upcoming Lake Placid Summit Classic, please see the divisional timeframe charts below. 

The schedules have not yet been built but here are some assumptions  for start/end days you can make until final schedule release:

Monday July 31: Game rounds will start at 9:00am
Wednesday August 2: Scholastic game rounds will end by 1:30pm. Adult game rounds will start at 2:30pm
Thursday August 3rd: Game rounds will start at 8:30am
Friday August 4th: Game rounds will start at 8:30am
Sunday August 6th: Game rounds will end at 2:30pm

We hope to launch the schedule 3-4 weeks prior to the event. Please stay tuned at the Schedules/Results page.

We look forward to seeing you soon.