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Skills Competition: High Peaks

By Kevin Leveille, 01/04/18, 1:00PM EST


Find out where you stand against your peers in shot speed, accuracy, distance and 2-pt goals

We play lacrosse because it's fun, right? Our sport is special and is so because of much more than just the X's and O's and the detail between the lines.

When we were younger it was a blast to travel to tournaments with buddies, see what new gear was coming out and participate in fastest shot competitions and the like. As we get older, the outside-the-lines activities (still fun) shift to social activities like bbq's, tailgating, virtually revolving around grub and suds. 

Well, we thought it'd be fun to add back to the Adult experience some of those exciting, sideshow competitions. After all, we used to do it in the early years of the Lake Placid Summit Classic. At the 2018 High Peaks Summit Classic, you'll be able to test you skill in 4 competitions: Big Shot; Accuracy; Fastest Shot; and Long Ball. Click here to learn more.

Space is limited at the High Peaks Summit Classic. Register today to secure your spot. 

We hope to see you in June!