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From The Summit: February 2018

By Kevin Leveille, 02/27/18, 1:00PM EST


Growing up, February used to be a cold, dark, winter month. If it wasn't too cold you'd get some good time in playing hockey on the pond or building a monumental snow fort. Otherwise, it was just a month that I'd prefer speed by. Depending on how brutal February was in terms of snow and cold, it could actually affect the long awaited arrival of March. Many years, early weeks of the high school spring season would be defined by sloppy field conditions and parking lot/tennis court practices. College lacrosse didn't start until early March and you really didn't even hear much about it until then. Nowadays in February, we're seeing higher temperatures, more sunlight, more grass and more lacrosse goals in yards (speaking for the Northeast). These, as opposed to the shadow of a groundhog, are the true signs of Spring on the horizon! College lacrosse has stormed the fields, TV's, streaming platforms and social media in the month of February, complete with upsets, early goal of the year candidates, and the tradition of predicting Memorial Day contestants before daylight savings arrives. Now we're talking! We also had the special treat of the Winter Olympics this year. We followed as our fellow American athletes put it all on the line and represented our country supremely. In fact, a few of our friends were there competing as you'll see below. Maybe, just maybe, the Februaries of yesteryear are in the rear view, and now the second month of the year is the light at the end of the dark, lacrosse deprived, tunnel.

Of course, the 2018 lacrosse season is officially underway. Collegiate play is a few weeks old and high school ball has already started in some parts of the country. The annual itch, which used to be to get out there and play, and is now, get out there and watch, is definitely being scratched. Look forward to a few more months of it. So much to take in, catch up on, and debate with like minded friends during our favorite sports season.

We've got one event behind us and are starting down the home stretch into our Event Season.These are very exciting times for us internally. The stakes get higher and enjoyment gets greater. Our efforts over the last six months are starting to take shape and become reality. In the event business, it feels like a lot more practice than games, but we're getting closer to the games and it feels good. Again, we're not playing in most cases, but we love to watch and enjoy the camaraderie so much.

See you on the fields soon,

Kevin Leveille, SLV Event and Brand Manager

2018 College Season Kicks-Off

Well, it's here - the 2018 edition of collegiate lacrosse. Fields are being shoveled, fans are bundled up, and in some cases teams are lucky enough to play their games in gorgeous indoor facilities. So much has already happened - from the WCLA and MCLA all the way to the DI powerhouses - no game is guaranteed to finish as expected.

2018 SLV Early Predictions

Ashley Albany LeMoyne Wesleyan Northwestern Lindenwood TCNJ
Kevin Albany LeMoyne RIT Syracuse Adelphi Gettysburg
Blake Denver LeMoyne Denison Stony Brook Florida Southern Middlebury
Eric Albany LIU Post Salisbury Stony Brook Adelphi Brockport


2nd Annual Northstar Winter Classic In The Books

Year two is in the books, and what a day it was! Fast-paced games, solid competition, and eager laxers made for a fun and action-packed Winter Classic. Teams from all over NY - Rochester, Syracuse, Ithaca, Westchester, and the Capital District, along with neighboring Connecticut and Massachusetts competed in three divisions, resulting in three Champions: Rochester-based Monster Black bested Mass Elite Red in the HS Gold Division, while Mass Elite White topped Monster Blue in HS Silver. The 2021-2022 division resulted in a Mass Elite Aqua victory over fellow club mates, Mass Elite Teal.

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Munday Lacrosse Launches Summer Camps

University of Southern California Women's Lacrosse Head Coach, Lindsey Munday, will host 2018 Summer Camps in California, New Jersey, and Long Island. Click below for details. 

Don't miss the opportunity to learn from some of the game's most accomplished, positive, and passionate coaches and players.

> Munday Lacrosse Summer Camps

NSI Guest Speakers Compete In Winter Olympics

Getty Images &

As part of the Northstar Invitational program, in conjunction with Mental Fitness Professional, Dr. Mara Smith, we host special guests to speak to attendees about their experiences as elite athletes, and the impact that sport has had on their lives. Getting to know these special athletes and learning their amazing stories is part of the magic of the storied Olympic Village of Lake Placid. We have been fortunate to have many US Olympians speak to our athletes, which made following the 2018 Winter Games even more fun!

> Ashley Caldwell (Freestyle Skiing)

> Jamie Greubel Poser (Bobsled)

> Chris Mazdzer (Luge)

> Jayson Terdiman (Luge)

> Katie Uhlaender (Skeleton)

> Andrew Weibrecht (Alpine Skiing)

> Andrea Kilbourne Hill (Women's Hockey Alum)