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New, Strategic Partnerships

By Trey Gordon, 04/18/18, 10:15AM EDT


Our aim at Summit Lacrosse Ventures is to continually enhance the value and experience of our participants, it's paramount. As such, we're always seeking meaningful strategic partnerships to complement our mission while remaining true to our tradition, authenticity and values.

We're very excited to announce new strategic partnerships with Powell Lacrosse, Firethreads, Motive Pure and Wood Lacrosse Sticks.



Powell Lacrosse, a leading stick maker in the lacrosse industry founded by all-time great Ryan Powell, will be the Official Championship Partner of Summit Lacrosse Ventures in 2018. 

"I personally know how hard it can be to compete to win any championship", said Powell. " Outside of the pure love and respect of the game, you play to win. And, if and when you do, I feel it's important to have a tangible item to serve as a constant reminder of the wonderful memories generated with your teammates and coaches. Powell Lacrosse is excited to provide the Champions of the Summit Lacrosse Ventures events with this keepsake".

"The Powell name is synonymous with success in lacrosse and I couldn't think of a more fitting Championship partner", said Kevin Leveille, Event and Brand Director for Summit Lacrosse Ventures. "Powell Lacrosse is an authentic brand, focused on developing high-quality products to assist in the development of the next generation of future Champions."

Powell Lacrosse will be on-site at the Lake Placid Summit Classic, July 30 - August 5, 2018. Just look for the bus.

To check out Powell Lacrosse gear and learn more about the company, visit  



Summit Lacrosse Ventures has partnered with Firethreads to create custom Summit Lacrosse Society Firethreads Shooters for all boys and girls that participate in 2018 SLV events*. 

As a participant in a SLV event, an individual assumes certain obligations and responsibilities to the game of lacrosse, his/her competitors and the host community. The essential elements in this "Code of Conduct" are HONESTY and INTEGRITY. Those who conduct themselves both on and off the playing field in a manner that reflects these elements will bring credit to the sport of lacrosse, themselves, their team, and their organization. 

When you put the custom Summit Society Firethreads in your stick, you are not only adding the most innovative performance strings on the planet, you are showing your support for the pillars of the Summit Lacrosse Society, which embody the virtues that we at SLV hold with the utmost regard and importance:

RESPECT. People and property; Yourself; Your team; Your opponent; Your staff/officials; Your venue; Your host community; Those who came before you; Respect the game and its legacy.

COMPETITION. Succeed to your greatest potential, as individuals and as teams, on and off the field, in lacrosse, and in life. Compete fairly and with sportsmanship, to advance the best interest of the game and the greater community.

CAMARADERIE. Appreciate the tremendous and vibrant community of which you are a member; build relationships for life; enjoy good times and great people, in special places.

And as Firethreads says...

If you’re gonna play, play with fire!
Find the spark, fan the flame,
And take everyone’s game just a little bit higher.

If you’re gonna play, you better have desire!
To open up to the unconscious waves,
and connect with your brothers and your sisters in telepathic ways.

If your gonna play, play with fire!
Create something new, feel the power.
Make your mistakes at a million miles an hour.

One to three, five to seven, turn it up past ten to eleven,
Take everything you love, and push it just a little higher
And if your gonna play, PLAY WITH FIRE!

Visit to learn more about the most innovative stringing materials in lacrosse.



Motive Pure is a naturally flavored, zero-calorie, electrolyte hydration solution, founded by Jesse Hubbard, former Princeton lacrosse standout and member of the US Lacrosse National Hall of Fame.

Motive Pure will serve as the Official Hydration Sponsor of the Northstar Invitational. 

“It didn’t make sense for sports drinks to tout the idea of electrolyte hydration, when they were mostly full of sugar. Motive Pure allows athletes to benefit from electrolyte hydration while simply drinking water”, explains Hubbard. Motive Pure is trusted by collegiate, professional, and World-Class teams and athletes. “I regularly relied on Motive Pure to feel ready to compete during my MLL career, and as a member of Team USA”, said Northstar’s Kevin Leveille. “We are proud to incorporate Motive Pure into the Northstar Invitational, and to provide these high-level athletes with another valuable tool for health and success on the field”.

To check out products and learn more about Motive Pure, visit  



Wooden Lacrosse Sticks are part of our history, and every player deserves to have a historical piece of the game. Justin Skaggs is a traditional wooden lacrosse stick maker based out of Pennsylvania. Over the past decade Skaggs has learned from the best stick makers the world has to offer. The mission is to become the best stick maker possible, while documenting the sticks found not only in North America, but around the world.

Wood Lacrosse Sticks will be the Official Award Supplier of Summit Lacrosse Ventures in 2018. At every division at each event, a Most Valuable Player Award and a Sportsmanship Award are given. This year, they will receive a unique keepsake courtesy of Wood Lacrosse Sticks.

"It's a great opportunity for Summit Lacrosse Ventures to partner with Wood Lacrosse Sticks and Justin Skaggs", said SLV Brand Manager Kevin Leveille.  "The tradition and legacy of the wooden stick represent the history and base of our cherished sport. At SLV, and through each of our events, we aim to create a connection between present-day lacrosse and the sacred history of the sport. As the sport grows, it's important to keep a strong connection to the past. Justin is doing just that with his work." was developed so that the lacrosse community could regain a closer connection with the game’s past. The site offers art from various stick makers from all over the country. 

To check out Justin's products and learn more about Wooden Lacrosse Sticks, visit