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"Mirale On Grass" - Update

By Road Trip Dad - Dan Witmer - , 05/24/18, 2:15PM EDT


A Nine-Month Check-Up

When John Sussingham suffered – and then survived – a “widow maker” heart attack last August at the Lake Placid Tournament, the SLV management gave me the green light the next day to work on an RTD (Road Trip Dad) article about the day’s events. I stepped away from the scores, the tie-breakers, and the championship rounds for a few hours and interviewed John’s wife, Helen, and the tournament’s athletic trainers. And then I stole a phrase that I heard that morning – “Miracle on Grass” – and used it as my title.

The article appeared on JustLacrosse, but it also went up on the LP website as well as It was a great story, and a lot of people read my piece – more than my average weekly blog, anyway.

If you want to refresh your memory – or maybe read it for the first time – you can go here: 


Well, here we are, about nine months later. It’s time to catch up with the principal players again, because, I think you’ll agree, the story only gets better and better…

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