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ATHLETEA to Support Northstar Invitational

By Northstar Lacrosse, 05/15/18, 12:45PM EDT


Widely respected Lake Placid-based mental fitness expert, Dr. Mara Smith, has been a member of the Northstar team from the get-go. Having worked with countless Olympic Athletes, along with USA Hockey, USA Gymnastics, US Figure Skating, US Ski and Snowboard, US Bobsled and Skeleton, and USA Luge, Smith knows what it takes to apply mental toughness at the highest level of competitive sports, and helps athletes integrate this element into their training. Dr. Smith conducts a mental fitness session at Northstar, and has brought numerous elite athletes to speak to Northstar athletes, to include  quite a few who competed in the 2018 Winter Games.

In July, Northstar athletes will have the opportunity to sample Athletea. Athletea is the result of a unique partnership between Lake Placid based mental fitness expert Dr. Mara Smith and Master Tea Blenders Harney & Sons, headquartered in Millerton, NY. Packed with electrolytes and antioxidants, our line of hydration teas will support the balance, energy, and focus you need to achieve peak athletic performance and recovery.

Orange Man-Go For It
Our Orange Man-Go For it performance hydration plus tea is made with mango, yerbamate, guayusa, ginger root, turmeric and pink himalayan salt to provide an even boost of energy and a blast of antioxidants while restoring electrolytes. This hydrating fruit tea
will help get your mind and body ready to work together so you can reach your personal goals. (Contains caffeine - but unlike coffee caffeine an even boost, no spike and drop)

Get Your Passion Berry
Our Get Your Passion Berry performance hydration tea has been specially blended with apple pieces, orange peel, beetroot, and black currants to improve endurance, heighten awareness, and provide a burst of antioxidants. (No caffeine, just good, clean yum.)

Go to Goji
Our Go To Goji recovery hydration tea has been specially blended with rooibos, ginger root, licorice and goji berries to restore electrolytes, soothe sore muscles, protect from inflammation, and improve your quality of sleep - all crucial to recovery. (No caffeine, just calm you can drink)

AthleTea is produced in small batches at Harney & Sons, Millerton , NY with the highest quality ingredients. Each AthleTea has been thoughtfully blended with selected ingredients to support hydration, energy, focus, readiness, relaxation and recovery.

Available only at selected retailers and online