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Q&A w/ Legend: Andi O'Connor

By Dan Witmer, 05/21/18, 10:30AM EDT


Interview with an LP Legend: ANDIE O’CONNOR    

 1.  Do you still attend the LPSC?

Yes, our family looks forward to attending every year.  We were questioning whether or not we would be able to make it one year and the kids all implored us to make it work.

 2.  What is your first memory of the Lake Placid Summit Classic?

I came along for the ride with my husband and was stunned by the beauty of the drive into the site.  Everyone was so welcoming and kind.

 3.  What is your fondest memory of the Lake Placid Summit Classic? 

I have so many!!! The first would be the unbelievable kindness shown by so many women's lacrosse teams from all over that welcomed me on to their teams as a free agent.  When I came to town without a team I was always able to play and have fun!   

The next amazing memory would be when Team Toyota did not have a goalie and we recruited Kim Hastings, an 8th grade goalie who was in town cheering her dad on, to play with us, and she was a ROCK STAR!  She ended up being in the cover photo of the Lake Placid Times.

 4.  If you had to name one quintessential feature of the tournament, that we should always maintain, what would it be?

 Always including the women's game!!!! 

 5.  What is your favorite thing to do in Lake Placid, off-field?

Most recently, paddle boarding on Mirror Lake.  Every year our kids must go "jump off cliffs" at the Plume.  I will never forget my daughter, at age 5, in a sundress with a fever of 104 insisting that she had to at least jump once.  She did and then went back to bed.

 6.  What is/was your favorite LP restaurant or establishment? 

We consistently have a delicious meal at Jimmy's 21.

 7.  Who was the best player you played with and/or against in Lake Placid?

With - Jen Adams.  Against - Katrina Dowd.  I will never forget being beaten by Katrina Dowd in a game at Lake Placid and then getting a back check on her in front of the goal. She graciously said, "Sick check!"   The Twisted Sisters and I still laugh about that play (honestly, I was too old to be on the same field as Katrina!!!!).

 8.  Have you had family members who have also played in Lake Placid? 

My husband, Pat O'Connor, still plays.  All three of my kids have played.  Brendan and Kaeli played last summer.  Brendan at age 23 returned to the playing field with Gary and Braeden Gait as teammates after not competing since sophomore year of high school – what a thrill!  Kaeli enjoyed reuniting with her 'Cuse teammates this past summer.  Sadly, Keegan has had too many concussions and will never be able to play again unless there is a new version of the game introduced.

9.  In what year did you first attend the Summit?

I believe it was about 1999.

10.  Do you still play lacrosse?

 No, with the exception of when my daughter's team doesn't have enough players - I can still run and mark up.

11.  What line of work are/were you in? Are you retired? 

I work to share the programs and services available from US Lacrosse to introduce the game of lacrosse to all in the Eastern Mid-Atlantic region.

12.  What are your current hobbies?

 Watching lacrosse, reading, redecorating my home, sewing, painting…

13.  Colleges and/or HS teams your root for?

High Point Men's Lacrosse, Syracuse and Maryland (both games), Dulaney, Calvert Hall, and Boys' Latin High Schools…

14.  Favorite sports moment (personal)?

Three - When my oldest son had to run right from his high school graduation (no time to celebrate with his family) to go coach his Lutherville Timonium "C" Rec Council lacrosse team in their championship game and they won!  

My middle son's high school lacrosse team won the MIAA Championship his Senior Year after losing in the Championship game the previous year.  Seeing the joy on his face was priceless.  

Watching my daughter play in the ACC Championships for Syracuse when they beat UNC and celebrating with her after the game.

15.  Favorite sports moment (general)? 

Being at the Super Bowl when the Ravens beat the NY Giants.