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Q&A w/ Legend: Butch Martin

By Dan Witmer, 06/21/18, 12:45AM EDT


1.    Do you still attend the LPSC?

I am still involved.  I am the Town of North Elba District Manager, and I work closely with George Leveille and the SLV staff.  

2.    What is your first memory of the Lake Placid Summit Classic?

My first memory was from the first tournament, when a goalie for one of the teams was delivered to his field by the police so he could play his game.

3.    What is your fondest memory of the Lake Placid Summit Classic? 

The camaraderie and competitiveness of all the teams.

4.    If you had to name one quintessential feature of the tournament, that we should always maintain, what would it be?

The tournament should always maintain a family atmosphere, and continue to strive for good behavior on and off the fields.

5.    What is your favorite thing to do in Lake Placid, off-field?

I like just walking around town and enjoying the view and scenery.

6.    What is/was your favorite LP restaurant or establishment?

My favorite restaurant is the Cascade Inn. 

 7.    Who was the best player you played with and/or against in Lake Placid?

Not really applicable, as I’m not a player, but I’ve always enjoyed watching Mike, Kevin, and George Leveille play.

8.    In what year did you first attend the Summit?

I have been here for every one of them!

9.  What line of work are/were you in? Are you retired? 

Working for the Town of North Elba – soon to retire!

10.  What are your current hobbies?

Hockey takes up all of my free time.  I coach the Lake Placid HS boys’ team and officiate at all levels.

11.  Colleges and/or HS teams your root for?

I root for Syracuse and, lately, Albany.

12.  Favorite sports moment (personal)?

Bringing my 2015-2016 high school team to the NY State final four in Buffalo, and of course – the US victory over the Russians in 1980.

13.  Favorite sports moment (general)? 

I like all the big events – the Final Four, NCAA playoffs, the World Series, the Super Bowl, and The Masters.