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2018 Lake Placid Lacrosse Gear Drive

By Eric Witmer, 07/13/18, 1:45PM EDT


UPDATE: The 2018 Gear Drive was a success! For 6 consecutive days, we had small mountains of gear piling up at HQ, which each night we piled into our shed to keep dry. On day 7 we used our field staff to move it all out of the shed, and await pickup from City Lax. A pickup arrived with a trailer, and we promptly filled the bed of the truck, and covered the trailer. The gear was moved down state to Albany, where Harlem Lacrosse will be headed to acquire their portion of the donations.

We weren't too sure how much lacrosse equipment would be dropped off each day, but the piles grew hour by hour, day by day. Every single stick, helmet, pair of cleats or goggles made the gear drive the success that it was this year.

We want to thank everyone who contributed for their selfless act, and for helping spread the game we all love to new participants. Equipment from Florida to Ohio made its way to Lake Placid, and now will find new homes spreading the game in Albany and New York City.

-Team SLV______________________________________________________________

Do you have a spare set of gear that isn’t being used regularly? Have you acquired more sticks than you have extended family members? Second or third sets of gloves, or goggles? Extra cleats?  Duffel bags to carry said gear? We know you have duffel bags...

How would you like to turn your cluttered lacrosse collection into a force for good? Join us in the inaugural Lake Placid Summit Classic Gear Drive. Together we can donate to CityLax and Harlem Lacrosse & Leadership, and help outfit their programs for the future.

"We wish to thank Lake Placid Summit Lacrosse and its Legends Society for their generous support to help CityLax continue its 12 year mission into the future", said John Mosher, CEO of CityLax.

“Everyone at Harlem Lacrosse is greatly appreciative of the help from the Lake Placid Lacrosse Gear Drive.  We will put the equipment to good use and make every effort to return the favor in kind", said Harlem Lacrosse Board Member Dom Starsia.

As these impressive organizations transform lives in Albany, New York City, and beyond, we hope the Lake Placid Lacrosse family will come together to support the hard working, dedicated groups who help kids use lacrosse as a path to a better life. If you have lightly used/gently loved lacrosse equipment, of any size, to donate to the cause, we’d love to fill some equipment bags to send down state. We only have a few requirements:

  • Equipment should still be protective! Please no broken helmets, sticks with ripped strings, or gloves with no padding left in them.
  • Equipment should not be excessively dirty! Gear never smells good, even after one use, but if something is extra foul, please consider giving it a wash before donating. 
  • Please no antiques! Onset heads and leather helmets are awesome, but we need to protect impressionable young brains. For donations, let’s try to keep everything semi-recent!
  • GEAR BAGS!!!  We’ll need a way to haul everything down to their final destinations, so if you have a spare bag around, and would like to donate it, we will certainly be in need!

All gear can be dropped off at tourney HQ and we'll take it from there.

Thanks so much for anything you can contribute to the first-ever Lake Placid Lacrosse gear drive! We’re excited to see what we can do in year one, and set a precedent for years. We are proud to show just how great the LP family is. 

Questions? Email Eric Witmer.