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Beyond Past Masters 65+ Game

By Page Gordon, 07/13/18, 2:15PM EDT


Wednesday August 1, 6pm, NEAF Field 1

Lacrosse is a special sport in that it's one of the toughest, grueling, and most physical sports there is, yet, it's a sport that is and can be played well beyond collegiate years....well, well after. 

At the Lake Placid Summit Classic we now annually host the following age levels of participation: U15, U18, 18+, 30+, 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, and 60+. Generally speaking, this scale of age may seem extreme, but certainly in contrast to our first year, in which we only had one age level, it undoubtedly is. The players have just kept on playing!

And, in 2018, the 29th version of the Summit Classic, the range will yet again expand in the form of the Beyond Past Masters 65+ Game. This single game will be comprised of lacrosse athletes at the age of 65 or above. It will surely be a treat to participate in for those of qualification, and one equally as special to take in simply as a spectator. 

The game will be held on Wednesday, August 1 at 6pm on NEAF Field 1. 

The magnet of lacrosse is strong and it's most obvious representation are the players, the participants that are committed to the game and who carry the game forward. The Beyond Past Masters 65+ will surely be another step ahead for the sport of lacrosse. 

If you would like to participate in the game, please post your intention on the 'Board' below. 

For more information, please stay tuned.