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Northstar Showcase Terms and Conditions

Northstar Showcase Terms and Conditions

1. Agreement with Terms and Conditions of Registration:

In completing your registration for, and/or by attending a Summit Lacrosse Ventures Event, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of registration and participation. If you are an individual registering a team, it is your responsibility to ensure that each of your coaches, affiliates, players, and their families are aware of, and abide by these Terms and Conditions, to include the rules and regulations governing play, player eligibility, tournament and community facilities, Summit Lacrosse Society, and participant behavior, both on and off the field. Violation of the aforementioned regulations may result in the disqualification of your team and/or player(s).


This event is part of The US Lacrosse Sanctioning Program, which provides best practices for tournament operators in order to create a more safe and consistent event. Through the adoption of the Sanctioned Tournament Standards, tournaments commit to providing the best possible lacrosse experience. All tournament participants must be current US Lacrosse members in order to participate. US Lacrosse membership numbers will be collected and verified when completing tournament waivers. If you are not currently a member, or your membership is set to expire during the event, please visit US Lacrosse to register. 



By choosing to register for and/or attend an SLV Event, you agree to abide by the Summit Lacrosse Society which can be found by CLICKING HERE. Further, you regard in earnest, the Summit Lacrosse Society. The Summit Lacrosse Society embodies the virtues that we as an organization, and a contributing member of the lacrosse community, hold with the utmost regard and importance. RESPECT: People and property; Yourself; Your team; Your opponent; Your staff/officials; Your venue; Your host community; Those who came before you; Respect the game and its legacy. COMPETITION. Succeed to your greatest potential, as individuals and as teams, on and off the field, in lacrosse, and in life. Compete fairly and with sportsmanship, to advance the best interest of the game and the greater community. CAMARADERIE. Appreciate the tremendous and vibrant community of which you are a member; build relationships for life; enjoy good times and great people, in special places.

By registering for and/or attending an SLV event, you agree to behave, and encourage others to behave in accordance with the Summit Lacrosse Society, and adhere to all local, state, and federal laws. If it comes to the attention of SLV that any player, parent, coach, or related attendee of an SLV Event is arrested or detained by law enforcement, they will be immediately dismissed from the event, with the likelihood of not being allowed to return, and the potential for their team spot to be jeopardized. Further, SLV reserves the right to remove any attendee who does not behave in accordance with the Summit Lacrosse Society, and applicable laws.



  • Full camp fees ($395) are due upon initial registration. Camp fees include a $75 application fee which is required to process your registration and is non-refundable for any reason. Your application fee secures a spot in the Showcase and administrative costs are incurred upon registration. At any time following registration and prior to May 1, 2023, participant cancellation will result in a full refund, less the $75 application fee.
  • Beginning May 1, 2023: No general refunds will be given on or after May 1, due to customized costs incurred on behalf of registered athletes. Any athlete with written proof of major injury from a medical professional will be refunded, less the $75 application fee.
  • Beginning June 15, 2023: No refunds will be given on or after June 15 for participant cancellation, for any reason.



Summit Lacrosse Ventures will use its best effort to ensure that each registered team plays the number of games established in the tournament schedule. In the best interests of participant safety, the tournament facilities, and inherent weather-related risks associated with lacrosse tournaments, SLV reserves the right to postpone or cancel games due to hazardous conditions. In this case, SLV will do everything possible to reschedule (either on the same date, or a future date). Ultimately, SLV is not responsible for venue conditions related to weather, force majeure, or other events beyond its control, and refunds will not be issued for game time missed due to events beyond SLV’s control.
In the event that a team does not appear for a scheduled game, tournament staff will assist in trying to arrange a replacement game, but cannot reasonably guarantee that a replacement game will be provided. Teams that do not show up for scheduled games will be subject to disqualification from current and/or future tournaments. 

In the interest of ensuring participant safety and the appropriate use of the fields and facilities, Summit Lacrosse Ventures reserves the right to postpone, cancel, or shorten games due to inclement weather, especially lightning. Rules governing play are consistent with NCAA rules with regard to lightning and extreme weather. The call for game delays will come from event management staff. If a staff member or referee sees lightning, it is to be reported over the radio; game delay decisions are not the responsibility of staff or referees. If hazardous conditions are detected, the following mandatory procedures will be implemented. Should any participants choose not to comply with SLV’s weather protocol, they do so at their own risk.


  • Once hazardous conditions are imminent , an air horn will sound multiple times, indicating that the field area must be evacuated. All staff and tournament participants (players, spectators, staff, vendors) are to evacuate the playing field and related areas and go to their vehicles for safety for approximately 30 minutes from when the last hazardous condition is detected. All tournament activities, to include vendors are to cease operation. No participants are to return to the fields until a second series of horn blasts is heard, or upon notification by a Director. No one is allowed back into the playing field area until officials have determined that it is safe to resume play.
  • Participants are to remain in their cars, and are not to leave the venue until tournament directors have confirmed that play will not resume.
  • Secured tents and equipment can be left at the fields until the storm delay is over;
  • Once the hazard clears, a horn blast will denote when it is safe to resume play;
  • If a weather-related evacuation occurs during the 1st half, teams will return to play the 2nd half of the game, weather permitting. If the evacuation occurs during the second half, the game MAY pick-up where it left off (weather permitting), OR the game MAY be terminated, and the score recorded as is. If the score differential is equal to or greater than 6, regardless of time remaining, the game may be terminated.
  • Tournament officials will make every effort to “make-up” time, but the schedule may be delayed up to the duration of the suspension of play;
  • Please be advised that for all issues effecting game play (e.g.- field/goal conditions, schedules, seeding/reseeding, playoffs, weather-related play halts/restarts, etc.), official information and decisions can only be obtained from tournament Directors, who are located at the tournament headquarters.  Please do not request or expect formal information from score keepers, referees, grounds keepers, parking staff, or security personnel.
  • In addition to being available at the tournament headquarters, tournament Directors will first and foremost utilize the tournament social media, website, and email/mobile phones in an emergency, to communicate information pertinent to game play.
  • It is ultimately the team's on-site representative's responsibility to seek out and obtain correct and timely information that affects their team's play from the tournament Directors. This above signifies the need for teams to COMPLETELY fill out registration material, including contact information for on-site team representatives.
  • Hazardous conditions are out of the control of tournament directors. Every effort will be made to facilitate fair and maximum play, with safety as the principal factor. SLV is not responsible for venue conditions related to weather, force majeure, or other events beyond its control.


All attendees (coaches, players, and spectators) are required to abide by the SLV Facility Rules (CLICK HERE), and/or as indicated on site by signage, tournament staff, officials, or representatives. There will be zero tolerance of behavior that is inconsistent with the SLV Terms and Conditions, the Summit Lacrosse Society Code of Conduct, or the tournament facility rules. Summit Lacrosse Ventures reserves the right to expel any violating parties from the event and its sites. All attendees are to abide by tournament rules and State/Federal law. Any suspicious activity should be reported to tournament directors and/or authorities. Any and all personal property brought to an Event Venue is the sole responsibility of its owner; specifically, any tent or temporary structure brought on site must be sufficiently secured and able to sustain any elements, weather or otherwise, that may pose a risk to the facility and/or other attendees. Tournament directors and officials reserve the right to request that any unsafe structure be taken down/removed at their discretion. Any personal property found at the facility will be held at tournament headquarters for the duration of the event. SLV will make every reasonable effort to return lost items, but is not responsible for any lost or stolen personal belongings. If able, SLV will return recovered property as requested, at the expense of the claiming party. Convenience and shipping charges will be applied.


SLV’s website, written materials, handouts, guidelines, manuals, rules, schedules, scoresheets, brackets, images, photographs and all copyrights related thereto (“SLV Materials”) are the exclusive property of SLV and/or its affiliates. Except as expressly provided herein, nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to create a license in or under the SLV Materials, and you agree not to sell, license, modify, distribute, copy, reproduce, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, publish, adapt, edit or create derivative works from any SLV Materials. SLV also owns several registered and unregistered trademarks and service marks (such as words, names, logos, slogans, or combinations thereof) (“SLV Trademarks”). Participating teams are granted a limited, royalty-free, revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the SLV Trademarks for inclusion on their team website, social media pages, and team equipment and apparel subject to the SLV Trademark Usage Guidelines, which are available at and incorporated herein by reference. Team agrees to be bound by SLV Trademark Usage Guidelines. Use of SLV Trademarks for commercial purposes (i.e., the sale of shirts, jackets, caps, etc.) is prohibited. This limited trademark license may be revoked at any time by SLV for any reason in SLV’s sole discretion. In such instances, and upon the written or oral request of SLV, all usage of the SLV Trademarks must cease immediately. Nothing herein is intended to create a franchise relationship. Use of the SLV Materials or SLV Trademarks for any purpose not expressly permitted by these Terms and Conditions is strictly prohibited. 

7. PUBLICITY RELEASE: I understand that Summit Lacrosse Ventures LLC retains the right to use for publicity and advertising purposes, photographs of participants taken during hosted tournaments and events. SLV does not divulge customer information to any organization or event participant.

All participants are required to sign a waiver to participate in an SLV event, with knowledge of the associated risks of participation. By doing so, said participant assumes the risks associated with participation in the event.



I am choosing to participate in a Summit Lacrosse Ventures LLC (SLV) Event. I understand that lacrosse is a strenuous, fast-paced game involving physical contact with inherent dangers, and when played within the bounds of the rules, can result in serious injury, paralysis and even death. I assume all the risks of such injury and even death, inherent in the game of lacrosse. I will inspect the fields that I will play, coach, work, and/or spectate on, and confirm them to be in such a condition that there are no dangers visible to me; if I do see dangerous conditions on the field, I will notify Event organizers immediately.

I acknowledge and recognize that SLV, the entity that sponsors the Event, does not and cannot control the conduct of players and that their conduct is controlled to the extent of the rules of the game by the discretionary calls of lacrosse officials. I also acknowledge that there are dangers inherent in spectating and being present at the Event site. Lacrosse balls can travel at speeds in excess of 100 mph and cannot be confined to the fields. I assume the risk of injury from being struck by lacrosse balls. I also understand that players do not and sometimes cannot stop running or avoid being pushed outside of the lines of the field of play. I have been told and I recognize that it is dangerous to sit or stand within five (5) yards of the sideline of any field and in areas designated and marked as off limits. I agree not to sit or stand within five (5) yards of the sideline of any field or in any areas designated and marked as off limits except when I am playing or preparing to play. While spectating, I agree not to sit or stand within five (5) yards of the sideline of any field or area designated or marked as off limits.


I represent that I am outfitted with equipment that meets NCAA and/or USL specifications relevant to play, i.e., helmet, gloves, arm pads, goggles. I am aware that there are greater dangers if I do not use such equipment, and I assume all associated risk.


SLV makes every effort, both in preparation and on-site, to consider the general safety of Event venues and its attendees. There are inherent risks associated with attending a sporting event; attendees (to include spectators) agree to be present and spectate at their own risk. Should the Event offer transport shuttles, or other amenities, attendees understand that shuttles are an optional courtesy convenience; utilization is at-will, and to is be exercised at passengers’ own risk.


I agree to advise any family member or guest who accompanies me to the Event about the dangers of spectating or being present on the grounds and that it is important that they be extra vigilant about the above dangers and take precaution. I recognize that the Event organizers will rely upon my agreement to do so.


I further understand that it is recommended that I consult with a physician prior to participating in physical activity such as lacrosse. I do hereby declare myself to be physically sound and suffering from no condition, impairment, disease, infirmity, or other illness that would prevent or impair my participation in any of the activities of the SLV Event. I do hereby acknowledge that I have been informed that a physician’s approval prior to my voluntary participation in the Event is recommended. I acknowledge that I have either had a physical examination and have been given my physician’s permission to participate, or that I have decided to participate without the approval of my physician, and do hereby assume all responsibility for my actions and physical conditions arising from any participation in the SLV Event. I acknowledge that SLV reserves the right to deny participation if it is deemed by the medical staff that my participation could cause further harm to myself, or to others.


SLV makes every effort to facilitate and promote fair and safe competition. Burden is on the player, guardian, and coach to be aware of and in compliance with published terms and conditions, and eligibility guidelines/restrictions. SLV is not responsible for, but reserves the right to disqualify any team and/or player who is determined ineligible.


I assume all risks and on behalf of myself and my heirs and assigns waive, release and forever discharge Summit Lacrosse Ventures LLC and its officers, shareholders, agents, employees, contractors, affiliates, sponsors, volunteers, representatives, Event Venues, and all others associated therewith from any and all responsibilities or liability for injuries or damages resulting from my participation in and/or attendance at the SLV Event, including, but not limited to, the games, my preparation for the games, spectating, staff duties/activities, being present at any meetings and social events, and agree not to sue them. 

I agree to indemnify and defend the releasees and hold them harmless from any and all claims, suits, causes of action and damages of any kind caused by, or resulting or arising from, my participation in or attendance at the Event, including, but not limited to, damages to the property of, or injury or death to, the releasees, the undersigned or anyone else.

I hereby give my consent to Summit Lacrosse Ventures LLC to provide, through a medical staff of its choice, customary athletic training attention, as well as arranging for transportation to medical facilities/hospitals and/or emergency medical services as the medical staff deems warranted in the course of my participation in the SLV Event.


I have read and agree to all terms of the event, to include the Summit Lacrosse Society, especially with regard to my responsibilities as a participant. My signature certifies that I understand and accept the conditions required for the Summit Lacrosse Ventures Event.