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Northstar Performance Index

Northstar Performance Index (NPI): The NPI is conducted by Ron Greenfield, a prominent strength and conditioning professional who has trained many successful Division I athletes, and in particular, women’s lacrosse players. The NPI is designed to test the following: speed, agility, endurance, and general athletic capacity. 

The NPI consists of many of the same Testing Mechanisms used by the majority of collegiate programs, and was created to give Coaches the opportunity to evaluate athletes’ testing results for speed and agility, change of direction, body control, level of endurance, and mental focus. The NPI is also designed to expose Northstar athletes to the Sports Performance requirements and metrics they will see at the next level.

2018 NPI Top 10's

2018 NPI Top 10's. Click to View Full Size Image.

Northstar Performance Index Tests

  • 40 Yard Sprint Tests field sport specific long speed // Each athlete performs the test 2x. Best score used.
  • Northstar 40 Sprint  Tests field sport specific long speed while maintaining control of the ball in their lacrosse stick // Each athlete performs the test 2x. Dropped ball = Disqualification. Best score used.
  • 300 Yard Shuttles Tests anaerobic fitness and endurance // 25-yard turns. Each athlete performs the test two times, with 60 seconds rest in between. Both scores recorded to gauge endurance.
  • Vertical Measurement Tests leg strength and explosiveness // New in 2017, each athlete performs the test two times, with the best score used. Brief rest between jumps.
  • Broad Jump tests hip flexor strength as an indicator of an athlete's ability to increase speed. // New in 2018, each athlete performs the test twice, with the best score used.

Director of Sports Performance

Ron Greenfield

Ron Greenfield

Director of Sports Performance

Phone: 518-312-9139

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