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What makes Northstar different than every other high quality event?

Curriculum + Competition + Education + Exposure + Development = Unique Northstar Experience

What is the selection process for Northstar Invitational?

The majority of players will be selected and invited to the Northstar Invitational directly through our internal network of high school and club coaches, but there is a process of application/nomination. Recommendations will be accepted from high school and/or club coaches only, not from parents. If you are interested in joining our trusted network, please email us with information about your qualifications and interest.

If a player is not invited, is there an outside nomination process?

(Yes, please see below for steps to apply for Northstar. Applications will be reviewed and coaches will be contacted if necessary. Please note that recommendations for the 2019 Northstar Invitational will be accepted for players in the 2021, 2022 and 2023 classes only.

  1. Complete the Online Recommendation Process
  2. Submit a Highlight Video: 5-Minutes Max. Either a Lacrosse Recruits Profile Video, or a Link to YouTube or Vimeo Video

When is the 2019 Northstar Invitational?

Athletes will arrive on Monday July 29, 2019, and play will begin on Tuesday morning, July 30th. Northstar will conclude on Thursday August 1st. We advise that no one arrives in Lake Placid prior to Monday, as the 2019 Ironman will take place on Sunday 7/28.

Where is the Northstar Invitational?

Northstar is held at the Northwood School (92 Northwood Road Lake Placid, NY 12946)

Do you have hotel blocks arranged for Northstar?

Yes, please visit our NSI Lodging page by CLICKING HERE.

Who operates the Northstar Invitational?

Summit Lacrosse Ventures. CLICK  HERE for information about who are, and CLICK HERE for more information about the Northstar Invitational.

How do I contact Northstar Invitational?

By Email: