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2020 COVID Guidelines

2020 NMWS COVID Safety Guidelines

Last Update: October 7, 2020

  • Pre-Event:
    • Before departing home for the event, please complete the following screening procedures:
      • Confirm that you adhere to state and local protocols;
      • Confirm your temperature is below 100.3;
      • CLICK HERE to complete the CDC Coronavirus Self-Check and follow outcome instructions
    • Review venue and parking map (CLICK HERE). Park as close to your playing field as possible.
    • Review tournament playing rules (below), which may be adjusted due to COVID and are subject to change at any time.
    • Pack your own personal hand sanitizer, face covering, and any other PPE you wish to have with you on-site
      • We will have sanitizer and masks available on-site should you need replacement
      • We suggest labeling all personal items and keeping them distanced from others during the day
  • During the Event
    • Please arrive close to the start time of your game, report to your playing field, and return to your vehicle promptly upon completion of competition.
    • Maintain 6 feet of distance from individuals outside your household/cohort.
    • Masks are required when you cannot maintain distance, with the exception of athletes/officials while competing. Coaches are requested to remain masked on sidelines.
    • Practice personal and CDC recommended hygiene at all times.
    • Please celebrate with verbal cheers and thumbs up and refrain from hugs and high fives
    • Chewing gum and spitting are prohibited.
    • SLV and / or venue staff reserve the right to remove anyone not in compliance with the published guidelines.
    • Inform us if you are not well (during or post-event): 720-609-2324 //
  • Post Event:
    • Practice personal hygiene immediately after play.
    • Disperse directly back to your vehicles and exit the venue promptly.
    • Clean, disinfect, and wash all equipment, uniforms, and materials used during the day.
    • Inform us if you are not well (during or post-event): 720-609-2324 //

This document is intended as a ‘quick fact’ sheet; full CSP Available Here.
Guidelines developed in accordance with IN Back On Track & IN Guidelines for Youth & Adult Recreational Sports and Facilities

2020 NMWS Playing Rules

2020 SLV: GIRLS (2021 – 2026 & Under) RULES

Girls HS Divisions (2021 & Under) will utilize US Lacrosse rules with the following exceptions/clarifications; Girls 14U: 2025 & Under, will utilize the Modified Sports Standards of the US Lacrosse rules with the following exceptions;

  1. Eligibility: It is the responsibility of each team to ensure that all players meet age eligibility requirements for the division in which they participate, as published on the tournament website and Terms & Conditions.

  2. Timing: All games will consist of two (2) 23-minute running time halves with a five-minute half-time. The clock will stop in the last minute of each half, unless there is a 10-goal differential, in which case running time will continue. Penalty time will also be running time. Yellow cards are non-releasable 1-minute fouls. Any player receiving (2) yellow cards in one game will be removed from that game. A player receiving a red card will serve a 2-minute, non-releasable penalty, will be removed from that game, and potentially their next game. *Note – game duration and halftime may be shortened by the mutual agreement of participating teams. Also, at the discretion of the tournament organizers, game times may be shortened due to inclement weather, or to keep the tournament on schedule.

  3. Overtime: Sudden victory overtime will follow the completion of a tied game after a 3-minute break; sudden victory periods will be 3 minutes of running time. 

  4. Delay of Game: Teams may be assessed a delay of game penalty if not ready to begin play at the scheduled time; games may be shortened at the discretion of the organizers to keep game times on schedule.

  5. Weather Delay: If a weather-related evacuation occurs during the 1st half, teams will return to play the 2nd half of the game, weather permitting. If the evacuation occurs during the second half, the game MAY pick-up where it left off (weather permitting), OR the game MAY be terminated, and the score recorded as is. If the score differential is equal to or greater than 6, regardless of time remaining, the game may be terminated.

  6. Tie Breaks & Re-Seeds: Refer to the SLV Tournament Tie-Break Formula for all divisions

  7. Timeouts: Each team will be permitted one (1) 1-minute timeout per half, which may be called by the team in possession any place on the field. Timeouts may be called by either team during a dead ball situation. The game clock will be stopped during timeouts. There are NO timeouts allowed in overtime periods.

  8. Alternating Possession: In the event of alternate possession, the first team listed on the scoresheet is given first possession.

  9. Goalie Equipment: Goalies are encouraged to wear thigh pads and shin guards; no penalty will be assessed if they chose not to.

  10. Stick-checking: 14U will play transitional checking

  11. Expulsion, Ejection, or Fighting: To the discretion of officials and/or tournament directors, any participant (player, coach, team official, or spectator) who is ejected during tournament play, on or off the playing field, may be subject to a one or more game suspension, up to automatic disqualification from the tournament. Any player or coach called for verbal abuse will serve a one-minute unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Continued abuse will result in ejection from the contest, and potentially the tournament.

  12. Summit Society: All teams, coaches, players, parents and team officials must adhere to the Summit Lacrosse Society. No profanity or unsportsmanlike conduct will be tolerated. Offending team(s) may be disqualified.



In reseeding teams or in any other tie-break situation, the following tournament tie-breaker will be utilized:

  1. Head to head competition; all tied teams must have played each other for this to apply;

  2. Fewest goals allowed;

  3. Highest goal differential, total goals scored (12 goals per game max, in a full-length game), less total goals given up; In the event of a forfeit, the score will be recorded as 13-7 for any full-length game.

    • For shortened games, ex. CCWC (20-minute games), max goal differential per game will be 6. A forfeit will be recorded as 7-4.

  4. Most goals scored;

  5. Coin toss 

NOTE: After each level of criteria is utilized, the tie-break resets. Example: If there is a 3-way tie, and one team secures a seed/slot based on goals against, the tie-break resets to head-to-head for the next seed/slot if relevant.

In reseeding teams for the playoff rounds, the tournament will try to avoid duplicate games between teams unless the game is still in the divisional championship stream. For consolation games, staff will look to schedule opponents based on whether or not they have already played.