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Athlete HQ


  • Check-in: 4-6PM, Monday July 27, 2020. Athletes will get their gear, move into rooms, eat dinner, and the evening will end with our first auditorium session. On-field activities begin Tuesday morning.
  • Check-out: 12:30 PM, Thursday July 30, 2020
  • Travel Tip: The Ironman will take place in LP on Sunday 7/26. We highly recommend that you do not arrive into town until Monday 7/27.
  • Lodging & Meals: All included at the Northwood School
  • Jersey #: If you've registered, CLICK HERE for your NSI #.
  • ATC: A certified athletic trainer will be available to attend to athletes' needs at all times, to include overnight. 
  • Payment: Balances will be charged on Sunday March 1st to the payment method with which you registered. You will be notified in advance and able to change your payment method. Athletes who register after March 1st will pay in full.


Athletes will be assigned a roommate by Northstar, based on age and Northstar team. Our goal is for you to meet and get to know new athletes from various parts of the country, to build friendships and make lasting connections. You will go through the tournament/camp circuit and recruiting process
together, and will more than likely end up as college opponents or teammates down the road. Dorm rooms are all in close proximity to each other; all activities and bathrooms will be shared by residents on each floor of the dormitory.
***We know this is different than most camps; that’s the point! Trust us. It works!

Medical Paperwork

Medical Paperwork: All athletes must submit a current (within 18 months) physical and immunization record, which can be obtained from your Doctor’s office. There is no specific form. Physicals must be received by July 1, 2020.  Please scan/email paperwork to, or fax to 303-265-9733.

Northstar Rules

  • We ask that you consider your participation at the Northstar Invitational an honor, and conduct yourself accordingly at all times. Please be receptive and alert to all instructions, meeting times, and feedback, on and off the field. You should be very proud to represent your region, your high school, your club team, your family, and the very best of high school student athletes. We are proud to host you.
  • Athletes will not be allowed to retreat from campus at any time during NSI without written and approved consent from NSI directors. For athletes who drive to NSI, cars will stay parked for the duration of camp. Leaving campus without permission will result in immediate dismissal.
  • All dorm rooms must be kept neat and clean, and upon departure, in the same condition as arrival.
  • Drugs, alcoholic beverages, and cigarettes (of any kind) are strictly forbidden and constitute, along with general misconduct, grounds for immediate dismissal from Northstar without exception. 
  • The Northwood School, situated in the Adirondack Mountains, has very unique characteristics and attributes, different than many other venues. For the health and safety of all participants, it is essential that athletes diligently follow all instructions related to fire and building safety, and general policies and procedures set forth by Northstar and the Northwood School.

Northstar Performance Index

The NPI is conducted by our strength and conditioning professional, Ron Greenfield, who has trained many successful collegiate athletes, to include elite women’s lacrosse players. The NPI tests the following: speed, agility, endurance, and general athletic capacity. CLICK HERE for the NPI overview, tests and standards.


You're at NSI in...



Northstar offers a unique format which maximizes both the depth and breadth of athletes’ experience and exposure. The format is specifically designed to include athletes’ performance capacity, small-sided play, and full-field play. Click above to read more about what to expect.


92 Northwood Rd, Lake Placid NY 12946

Lake Placid is about five hours drive from New York City and Boston, less than four hours from Ottawa and Syracuse, NY, and two to three hours from Albany, NY, Burlington, VT, and Montreal. Lake Placid is within 2.5 hours driving time of three major airports: Albany, New York; Burlington, Vermont; and Montreal, Quebec. All are serviced by major airline carriers. From most locations, Albany Airport is the most common/convenient flight option relative to Lake Placid, and is about 2 hours from Northwood. 

Parent Corner

Families are welcome (and encouraged) to accompany athletes to Northstar, beginning on Tuesday July 28th, when play will begin. A specific schedule of “open” sessions will be available and distributed prior to camp. While parents are more than welcome to observe scheduled sessions, to maximize the athlete experience, any other parent interaction is discouraged. We will hold a parent orientation and recruiting forum meeting on the morning of Tuesday July 28th.



Lake Placid is a world-class vacation and recreation destination which combines Olympic history with Adirondack mountain beauty. We anticipate that many families will choose to join their athletes during Northstar. Click above for information from restaurants to hikes and boating, to ensure that you maximize your possibilities

Click for special rates from local hotel partners to create your best possible Northstar Lacrosse experience.


"Brave aims to inspire, guide, nudge, push and pull you to chase after what you want. Through deliberate practice, which includes repetition and challenge, people experiencing Brave leave with new skills (competencies), belief in those skills (confidence) and readiness to take action based on the belief in those skills (courage). Northstar is committed to helping girls get on the chase of big goals and supporting them with tools and resources to remain in pursuit. This kind of playground to practice is critical for teens, especially at this age when confidence, and bravery, decreases in girls.

- Crista Samaras, Brave Founder & CEO, Former Team USA World Champion & Princeton All-American

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation & hazard Policy The Northstar Invitational Cancellation Policy is as follows:

• Upon Registration: $125 deposits are entirely non-refundable upon transaction for ANY/ALL REASON (to include injury, unforeseen conflicts, etc.). Payment secures an individual’s specific spot in the limited Invitational, at the expense of another athlete, and administrative costs are incurred upon registration.

• Post Balance Charge (March 1st), before May 1: General Cancellation will result in a $250 charge, and the refund of all remaining funds paid. A full refund, less the $125 deposit, will be given to any athlete with written proof of major injury from a medical professional.

• May 1: No general refunds will be given on or after May 1, due to the process of highly customized costs incurred on behalf of registered Northstar athletes. Any athlete with written proof of major injury from a medical professional will be given a refund, less a $250 administrative charge.

• July 1: No refunds are available for ANY REASON (to include injury, unforeseen conflicts, etc.) on or after July 1. Athletes who cancel on or after July 1, will be provided with their custom gear upon completion of Northstar.

• Hazard Policy: The Northstar Invitational will make every effort to ensure that all sessions are conducted as scheduled. However, as the safety of our athletes is the highest priority, Northstar reserves the right to postpone or cancel session(s), or a portion of session(s) due to hazardous conditions. In the event of weather delay, Northstar will explore and prepare all available avenues to ensure alternatively valuable session time, but cannot reasonably guarantee all on-field time. Participants understand that there is inherent weather risk associated with an outdoor camp. [PLEASE NOTE: You have read and agreed to this policy during the registration process]

Sports Recruits (SR) has been a NSI partner since day one, and we share their mission: empower student athletes to pursue their dreams. SR will film every game at Northstar and digital links will be available to all athletes following the event.  SR will also host player profiles, NPI results, and offers optional video packages which will highlight performance against high level peers. CLICK HERE for more info.

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