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Summit 7s

Challenge yourself and continue developing your game in the relaxed Lake Placid atmosphere.

The Summit 7s tournament is designed to give players/teams the opportunity to play in a fast-paced, fun and competitive 7v7, short field format which rewards talented hands, quick decisions, solid game sense, and creativity. We aim to create an environment that is fun but challenging and where making mistakes and taking chances are's why we love lacrosse so much! Go for it in the beautiful and relaxed Lake Placid atmosphere where we hope the best in each individual will present itself.

Did you know...

Seven is a special number to us because we feel that 7v7, small field format, creates the optimal environment relative to space, reaction time and repetition.  But, it's also interesting to note that there are Seven Seas, Seven Heavens, Seven Continents, Seven Colors in a Rainbow, Seven Notes on a musical scale, Seven Days in a week, and Seven Wonders of the World. Could 7 be a special number in relation to lacrosse? We think so...

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