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Recommend An Athlete

Your Role

We value the many relationships we have built with positive ambassadors for the sport, who are well-connected in various regions around the country, have knowledge of their local talent, and are equipped to objectively recommend players who will benefit from and fit the Northstar bill - serious and passionate student athletes who are leaders on and off the field and seek opportunities to challenge themselves.

The Process

Northstar seeks student athletes who:

  • Are serious, energetic, and passionate about lacrosse
  • Thrive in competitive AND team-oriented environments
  • Strive to be a leader, on and off the field
  • Dream about lacrosse at the next level and are willing to put in the work to get there

To recommend an athlete who fits this criteria, please click on the recommendation link below. The NSI is geared toward and will benefit the serious student athlete, but is open to any/all entrants and limited only by capacity, position, and graduation year. We will use the recommendation process to ensure that we offer the best possible experience to attending athletes. Recommendations will be processed and reviewed on an ongoing basis, and athletes will be contacted directly with an application form.

CLICK HERE to see the NSS Curriculum and learn more about the Athlete Experience.

Recommend Athletes to Northstar

If you have more than 5 athletes to recommend, download the excel sheet below and email to:

Interested in Coaching at Northstar?

The Northstar experience is ultimately delivered by our staff on site. We seek experienced, positive, and passionate role models who strive to share their knowledge and love for the game with the next generation.  If you fit the mold, we would love to consider you for the Northstar coaching staff. Please CLICK HERE if you are interested in coaching with us.