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"We would really like to thank you and the rest of the team involved with all aspects of the camp.  It was a great experience for our daughter, on and off the lacrosse field.  I think it's a great model, helping the girls with a number of other physical/emotional and life topics as a part of the experience." - Northstar Invitational Parent

"My daughter was a 3X participant in the Northstar Invitational. Just so you know, of all the lacrosse-related events she has attended over the years, she stills says that the Northstar experience was the best. She absolutely loved it! I specifically remember you guys telling all the parents during your annual talk at Northstar that while lacrosse can help provide your children with some real great educational opportunities, those opportunities are pretty rare--  so you need to make sure that your daughters remain focused on their academics and become good people because that is and always will be the very best way to ensure that things go well for them. That advice turned out to be spot on with respect to our older daughter’s involvement with lacrosse and we are eternally grateful to you for imparting it to us."

“I wanted to thank you for putting on yet another great week at Northstar. It was a thrill be back. I was very humbled to receive the leadership award for my team. I can't wait to see if I will be able to be back for a 3rd year. Thanks for everything you do to make this camp possible.” – Northstar Athlete

“Thank you so much for providing a great lacrosse camp experience at Northstar. My daughter loved it, met new friends, and played a lot of competitive lacrosse. She enjoyed her coaches and teammates, learned new things, and had loads of fun. I'm so happy both of my girls attended Northstar and that both found it to be rewarding and memorable. I'm sure you are very busy wrapping things up, but I wanted to thank you for all you do to make the Northstar experience so special.” – 2x Northstar Parent

“Just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to be a part of Northstar. I really enjoyed my time as a mentor. Having been a past participant and now coaching, it's been a great experience.” – Northstar Coach & Former Northstar Athlete

“Just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful experience my daughter and her teammates had at Northstar this week. You guys make it look easy and simple, but I'm sure that there are hours of work involved getting the Northstar Camp up and running each year - and just wanted you to know that we appreciate it a great deal. We know that the positive vibe that emanates from the four days our girls enjoyed at Northwood will stay with them and help them navigate the next few years of high school lacrosse and NCAA recruiting - and our families really appreciate you giving them this opportunity. It has been a total pleasure bringing our family, our players and our teams to Capital City, Northstar, and the Summit Classic.” - Northstar Network Recommending Coach & Northstar Parent

“My daughter attended the Northstar Invitational this past week, and she had a phenomenal experience!” - Northstar Invitational Parent

“Your recruiting legislation piece was beautifully written and easy to understand. Thank you!!!” - Northstar Invitational Parent

“Just wanted to say that I thought your recruiting piece was extremely well done and also very helpful. I am sharing this with both our boys & girls HS teams.” - Northstar Network, Recommending Coach

“Thanks again for an amazing Northstar event! I love that tournament/camp. It’s the best event of the summer.” - Attending NCAA DI Coach

"I'm just writing to thank the whole Summit team for a fabulous experience at the 2017 Northstar Invitational. My daughter had a super positive experience playing/bunking with girls from around the country. She also appreciated the physical and mental education components of the Northstar program. Your team does a nice job supporting the growth of these young athletes" - Northstar Invitational Parent

"Thank you. My daughter is really excited about her commitment.  I would like to thank you for running a great invitational.  Northstar started her recruiting.  A few days after Northstar completed in 2015, she was called, and that started the recruiting journey.  Out of all the camps and invitationals she attended, Northstar was the best.  You are doing a great job.  I wish you continued success!" – Northstar Invitational Parent

"During our first visit, Coach told us that the first time she saw my daughter play was at the 2016 Northstar Camp...So, thank you! You should know that she came back for the 2016 camp primarily because she had so much fun the previous camp, and secondarily for the recruiting aspect, so it really worked out for her! I always recommend  Northstar to anyone asking about camps." - 2x Northstar Invitational Parent

“My daughter had a great time at Northstar – she really enjoyed it and learned a lot by playing with the great talent that was around her” – Northstar Invitational Parent

"We so appreciate all you and your staff do to run high caliber camps and tournaments. You, your staff and the coaches have and will continue to be great role models for my daughter and hundreds of girls. We hope to continue to see you on this lacrosse journey!!!" - 2x Northstar Invitational Parent

“Just wanted to thank you again for hosting a great event.  My daughter truly had an amazing time.  I thought it was well run, all of you spoke well at the parent meeting and clearly it is in a beautiful place. Anyway thank you again for all you did for my daughter and all the girls who attended your fabulous event. She truly thought it was the best thing she did this summer”  - Northstar Invitational Parent

“My daughter is motivated and inspired from her Northstar experience – Northstar Invitational Parent

“I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Northstar Invitational last week. It was a great experience, I learned a lot more about the game and teamwork. Also, a big thank you to all the coaches for making it an awesome experience” – Northstar Athlete

“Thank you for a wonderful experience for everyone.  My wife and I are wiser, and our daughter is now a more confident and more mature young lady by the experience” – Northstar Invitational Parent

“Thank you for including my daughter in this awesome camp experience.  She only had great things to say about the venue, format and staff and truly came home with a different level of passion for the game. I know many times individual efforts such as yours go unnoticed but I wanted you to know that we truly appreciate you taking note of her athleticism and again opening the door for the Northstar opportunity” – Northstar Invitational Parent

“I wanted to let you know my daughter loved the experience at the Northstar! She traveled all over the United Stated this summer and she said that the staff and coaching was by far the best she has been to!” – Northstar Invitational Parent

“I just wanted to say what a great week I just had at Northstar. I was really happy to be invited and get the chance to spend 4 days playing lacrosse and learning from everyone. Northstar has been my favorite lacrosse experience ever! It was awesome meeting you both and all of the other girls I got to play with this week. I loved all the speakers and college players coaching us. The best part was being able to play at such a high level against other great players - it definitely made me better and I learned a lot.” – NSI Athlete

“Thank you so much for the opportunity and I hope to be a camper of yours again next year!  I really loved my time at Northstar!!” – Northstar Athlete

“I cannot thank you and George enough for a fantastic week. My daughter had an incredible experience and was honored to be invited. You have built a fantastic program which helps educate young women on so many important facets of life outside of lacrosse.  Of course the lacrosse was fun too!” – Northstar Invitational Parent

“I can't thank you enough for all the guidance and encouragement you provide this week.  You came up to my daughter after the championship game and complimented her and it meant the world to her. She said you are so motivating and loved listening to you talk.” – Northstar Invitational Parent

“Thanks for running one of the best and well-staffed camps my daughter has ever attended. She had a great time. I was impressed with everyone and everything from the parking attendants (most friendly ever), to the super enthusiastic college player coaches, Tera the great trainer and the well-executed check- in system. Good Job! I would highly recommend this camp to others.” - Northstar Invitational Parent

"Thanks for the great experience at the 2015 Northstar Invitational - I had so much fun and improved both as a lacrosse player and teammate during your event." - Northstar Athlete, DI Verbal Commit

"I wanted to shoot you a quick email and let you know how phenomenal I thought your event was. The talent level you had there was great and it was probably the best event I went to all summer." - Attending Division I NCAA Coach

"I enjoyed meeting you at the Northstar Invitational and my daughter had a wonderful time.  Most importantly, for me, was the meeting with the parents that you gave. Your content was very informative and timely. As we go into the Club season this fall my wife and I will refer to our notes from that session often.  Thank you." - Northstar Invitational Parent

"Northstar is a great experience, and the best camp/showcase we attended last year. There are so many invitations to camps/clinics/tournaments and as a parent you need to rely on solid sources to help direct what venues have a better experience and a better ROI --- Northstar was a homerun on both counts" - Northstar Invitational Parent    

"Thank you so much for everything you taught my daughter at Northstar. It was one of the best lacrosse experience she has ever had. She met wonderful coaches and made friends with players she still keeps in contact with. In addition to the coaching and all of the fun she had, it was great for college exposure and was key to the recruiting process for our family. Thank you so much for everything and I will see you again when it’s time for the class of 2020 to make their way to Lake Placid."
- Northstar Invitational Parent

"I thought Northstar was great. It was the most enjoyable recruiting experience I've had to date. I already called dibs on the tournament next year... and will bring a friend (or two)."
- Attending Division I NCAA Coach

"My daughter as well as my other 2 children have participated in many camps, clinics, showcases etc.  Northstar is without a doubt the most organized and well run camp we have ever been involved.  The little things from organizing hikes, recruiting meetings, group bonding, small group coaching, seminars to improve mental and physical aspects of game, the friendly/welcoming atmosphere when checking in, to the personal touch you and other staff give by being personally connected, actually knowing and caring for the girls.  You are doing an amazing job." - Northstar Invitational Parent

"I loved Northstar and thought was great!  I already called dibs on it from the rest of our staff to go every year.  I really got to see some kids I might have overlooked with their club team, not to mention Lake Placid is pretty awesome.  Already pumped for next summer.  Thanks again!! - Attending Division I NCAA Coach

"I just wanted to let you know that my daughter had a wonderful experience at Northstar this year.  It was certainly the highlight of her summer lacrosse season.  The programming, location, coaching and recruiting exposure were all first rate (and the gear was pretty cool too!).  Thank you for creating such a great environment and program - she was blown away by the experience." - Northstar Invitational Parent

"My daughter LOVED the camp this week…she thought it was excellent and one of the best she has ever attended, I wanted to pass along and thank you and the team for having such a great event, with great coaches, excellent venue….You guys should be proud…" - Northstar Invitational Parent

"Thank you again for including me in Northstar.  I thought it was awesome and it was my favorite camp this summer!  Several schools are pursuing me and I will let you know once I commit."
- Northstar Athlete

"My daughter loved Northstar, her coaches and the girls she met and would be thrilled to be part of the Northstar experience again next summer. Thank you for your dedication to the sport and the young athletes that have participated in the camp." - Northstar Invitational Parent

"I cannot tell you how honored my daughter feels to have been selected as a participant in both 2012 and 2013.  Northstar has been one of her favorite events in this crazy recruiting process! She had an extraordinary experience at Northstar last summer in particular since it was her second year and she loved every minute of it! - 2x Northstar Invitational Parent

“I just wanted to let you know that the Northstar was the absolute best “tournament” all summer!!! I absolutely loved it and will most definitely be back next year. Please do it in Lake Placid again!! The location was awesome, the talent was great and I loved the size. It was not too big, but there was such great talent there.” - Attending Division I NCAA Coach

I can tell you that after speaking with my daughter she is more motivated than ever. She felt honored to be around some very talented players. It also provided her with a great opportunity to see where she stands against girls in her age bracket from across the country. All-in-all she said it was an excellent experience and would love to attend again next year!" - Northstar Invitational Parent

"It was great to have our players attend Northstar this year.  We have had bunch of girls commit in the 2016 and 2015 classes so it provided for some great exposure for our players." - Top National Club Coach

"My daughter had a fantastic experience at Northstar. She was truly honored to have been invited." - Northstar Invitational Parent

“My daughter just raved about Northstar. It really was a phenomenal few days for her.  I can’t remember a time where she hasn’t talked about wanting to play at a high level in college, but Northstar added fuel to her fire in a big way.” - Northstar Invitational Parent

“We just wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience our girls had in Lake Placid at the NS Invitational! They had a blast and commented that it was one of the best athletic experiences, that they have ever had!” - Top Club Coach

“My daughter was THRILLED with the program.  She really enjoyed the format, meeting girls from other states, the great competition, etc.  She was “beaming” through her texts. I think you guys are at the forefront of changing the recruiting landscape with this type of event.” - Northstar Invitational Parent

“My daughter is thrilled to be asked back to Northstar again.  Just wanted to share she was on an unofficial visit at Stanford and there were a total of 4 Northstar girls there!  All had either their Northstar goggle strap or sticks with them.  She had fun being with the girls, having a sense of camaraderie she formed with them at Lake Placid, supporting her out all the way in California.  As a mom, this is just such a great unexpected advantage from your program.  Thanks so much.” - 2x Northstar Invitational Parent

“I wanted to shoot you a note- to thank you & let you know that I received GREAT feedback from my players whom attended camp last week in Lake Placid. Thanks for providing such a great opportunity for the girls. I look forward to nominating them and future players for years to come.” – Northstar Network, Recommending Coach

“Thank you for a wonderful week of lacrosse in Lake Placid. My daughter had a great time! Played some great lacrosse, met some wonderful girls and coaches, and came home nice and sore.” – Northstar Invitational Parent

"Just wanted to let you know that my daughter who attended this summer verbally committed on Friday! We are so thrilled for her and thought you should know since the first contact she had from them was the result of Coach seeing her play at Northstar! Thank you for what was an awesome week that changed her life! " - Northstar Invitational Parent