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You have questions, and deserve the answers. We're here for you.

Why can't we just play in Placid?

  • Due to the challenges and health concerns the country has faced over the past year, Lake Placid has required a reduction in the size of events by 20%. For us, that is roughly 60 teams.

Why the 18+ teams?

  • With the need to reduce size, and the layout of the 'normal' LP week, we saw the option to meet our mandate with the Open 18+ men's and women's divisions, which also makes more sense given our demographics financial challenges vs the older adult divisions with expendable income. Men's and Women's 18+ moving together makes sense; moving to a far more affordable region makes sense; moving to a part of NY that's more accessible and not impinged by COVID restrictions makes sense, and not removing a slice from the middle of the week also makes sense. 

Why Albany?

  • Lake Placid Lacrosse and Summit Lacrosse Ventures have a great relationship & history with the Capital District. Albany is a shorter trip for most participants, in a region with plenty of entertainment options, quality fields, affordable lodging & bars, and unmatched accessibility with ALB Airport just minutes from the fields. Albany also has more large event friendly guidelines this summer, and has welcomed our teams with open arms, partner hotels, and sponsored nightlife options. 

Are there Vaccine Requirements in Albany?

  • Nope; just stay positive (energetically, good vibes) & test negative (for everything)

What if we can't come?

What about 2022?

  • We fully expect to be back in Lake Placid in 2022. All anticipated spots for 2021 in Placid will be retained. If the move to Albany is a deal breaker, we'll still have you slotted for 2022 action in LP.