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Rules & Details

2021 Northstar Showcase Rules


  1. Timing: All games will consist of two (2) 23-minute running time halves with a five-minute half-time. The clock will stop in the last minute of each half, unless there is a 10-goal differential, in which case running time will continue. Penalty time will also be running time. Yellow cards are non-releasable 1-minute fouls. Any player receiving (2) yellow cards in one game will be removed from that game. A player receiving a red card will serve a 2-minute, non-releasable penalty, will be removed from that game, and potentially their next game. *Note – game duration and halftime may be shortened by the mutual agreement of participating teams. Also, at the discretion of the tournament organizers, game times may be shortened due to inclement weather, or to keep the tournament on schedule. Officials may stop time at their discretion.
  2. Roster Size/Format: If either team has less than 15 players, play 10v10. Offsides will be enforced at the midline. Four players must remain on the defensive end of the field to be considered onsides.
  3. Overtime: Sudden victory overtime will follow the completion of a tied game after a 3-minute break; sudden victory periods will be 3 minutes of running time. 
  4. Timeouts: Each team will be permitted one (1) 1-minute timeout per half. Timeout may be requested after a goal is scored, or the requester’s team is in clear possession of the ball. The game clock will be stopped during timeouts. There are NO timeouts allowed in overtime periods.
  5. Alternating Possession: In the event of alternate possession, the first team listed on the scoresheet is given first possession.
  6. Expulsion, Ejection, or Fighting: To the discretion of officials and/or tournament directors, any participant (player, coach, team official, or spectator) who is ejected during tournament play, on or off the playing field, may be subject to a one or more game suspension, up to automatic disqualification from the tournament. Any player or coach called for verbal abuse will serve a one-minute unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Continued abuse will result in ejection from the contest, and potentially the tournament.
  7. Summit Society: All teams, coaches, players, parents and team officials must adhere to the Summit Lacrosse Society. No profanity or unsportsmanlike conduct will be tolerated. Offending team(s) may be disqualified.


Summit Socity Code of Conduct


Summit Lacrosse Ventures (SLV) event participants, to include staff, players, coaches, spectators, vendors and parents are to conduct themselves in a manner that "Honors the Game" and demonstrates respect for others. As a SLV event participant, an individual assumes certain obligations and responsibilities to the game of lacrosse and its community. The essential elements embodied by this "Code of Conduct" are HONESTY and INTEGRITY. Those who conduct themselves both on and off the playing field in a manner which reflects these elements bring credit to the sport of lacrosse, themselves, their team, and their organization. It is only through such conduct that our events can earn and maintain a positive image and effect on all who are impacted by them, to include host communities and facilities. Summit Lacrosse Ventures commands the following behaviors from those involved in any way in a SLV event:

Regard in earnest, the pillars of the Summit Lacrosse Society, which embody the virtues that we at SLV strive for and hold with the utmost regard and importance:

RESPECT: People and property; Yourself; Your team; Your opponent; Your staff/officials; Your venue; Your host community; Those who came before you; Respect the game and its legacy.

COMPETITION. Succeed to your greatest potential, as individuals and as teams, on and off the field, in lacrosse, and in life. Compete fairly and with sportsmanship, to advance the best interest of the game and the greater community.

CAMARADERIE. Appreciate the tremendous and vibrant community of which you are a member; build relationships for life; enjoy good times and great people, in special places.

  • The essential elements of the "Code of Conduct" must be adhered to.
  • Sportsmanship and teaching the concepts of fair play are essential to the game, and must be taught and developed, both at home and on the field during practices and games.
  • The emphasis on winning should never be placed above the value of good sportsmanship, the concepts of fair play, or the fundamental skills and education of the game.
  • Derogatory comments are unacceptable. Use positive reinforcement with players and adults alike.
  • It should be remembered that criticism, once made, can never be retracted.
  • The safety and welfare of players and participants are of primary importance.
  • Coaches must always be aware of the tremendous influence they have on their players. They are to strive to be positive role models in dealing with young people, as well as with adults.
  • Officials are expected to conduct themselves as professionals and in a manner that demonstrates courtesy and fairness to all parties, while exercising their authority on the field.
  • Adults involved with the game must never permit anyone to openly or maliciously criticize, badger, harass, or threaten an official.
  • Knowledge of the rules of competition must be respected and adhered to by all who participate in the game of lacrosse, both in the letter and the spirit of the game. Attempts to manipulate rules in an effort to take unfair advantage of an opponent, or to teach deliberate unsportsmanlike conduct, is considered unacceptable conduct.
  • Eligibility requirements, such as age and appropriate level of participation, must be followed. They have been established to encourage and maximize fair participation, as well as promote safety. We rely on the honesty of participants to govern eligibility.