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NSS Rules


  1. Timing: All games will consist of two (2) 20-minute running time halves with a five-minute half-time. The clock will stop in the last minute of each half, unless there is a 10-goal differential, in which case running time will continue. Penalty time will also be running time. Yellow cards are non-releasable 1-minute fouls. Any player receiving (2) yellow cards in one game will be removed from that game. A player receiving a red card will serve a 2-minute, non-releasable penalty, will be removed from that game, and potentially their next game.
  2. Roster Size/Format: If either team has less than 15 players, play 10v10. Offsides will be enforced at the midline. Four players must remain on the defensive end of the field to be considered onsides.
  3. Overtime: Sudden victory overtime will follow the completion of a tied game after a 3-minute break; sudden victory periods will be 3 minutes of running time. 
  4. Timeouts: Each team will be permitted one (1) 1-minute timeout per half. Timeout may be requested after a goal is scored, or the requester’s team is in clear possession of the ball. The game clock will be stopped during timeouts. There are NO timeouts allowed in overtime periods.
  5. Alternating Possession: In the event of alternate possession, the first team listed on the scoresheet is given first possession.
  6. Expulsion, Ejection, or Fighting: To the discretion of officials and/or tournament directors, any participant (player, coach, team official, or spectator) who is ejected during tournament play, on or off the playing field, may be subject to a one or more game suspension, up to automatic disqualification from the tournament. Any player or coach called for verbal abuse will serve a one-minute unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Continued abuse will result in ejection from the contest, and potentially the tournament.
  7. Summit Society: All teams, coaches, players, parents and team officials must adhere to the Summit Lacrosse Society. No profanity or unsportsmanlike conduct will be tolerated. Offending team(s) may be disqualified.



  1. Timing:
    • 2x 6-min halves, running time, 1-min halftime
    • 30 second shot clock begins when goalie gathers ball (whistle)
    • Goalie count; 5 seconds gather; 5 seconds clear
  2. Draw to start halves, goalie clears after each goal
  3. D can run through crease (front or back) when ball is below GLE. When ball is above GLE, D can only run through the back of the crease.
  4. Over and back. Once ball is in offensive end, you cannot return to defensive half, unless ball is tipped by D.
  5. Everyone plays A/D – no restraining line. Goalie cannot cross half field or score.
  6. Fouls
    • Minor: play on to advantage
    • Major: whistle stop, 3 meters away. If foul prevents attacking team to shoot, will be attack’s ball at half field, with a new shot clock.