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Never have the roots and origin of the game of lacrosse been more relevant. Built on the basis of healing, community, spirit and strength, lacrosse is our common thread and common recovery system in trying times. In any battle it's you, your teammates, and your unified goal vs your opponent and theirs. There's little room for outside worry or fear. This summer will be different. You will grow, and heal, and eventually you will play. You may not play where and when you thought, but we're doing our part to give you a good shot at playing this summer.

It's likely that an event or events that you were planning to participate in this summer are no longer a viable option for your team(s). Maybe the event has been cancelled, or shifted to a date that doesn't work, or you simply don't feel comfortable with extended travel and  the associated expenses for your group.

What next then? Google search or clicking through endless lacrosse websites, essentially shooting in the dark trying to pin down your next moves? We have created the #PLAYLAX2020 registration hub for you to state your needs/interest (what team(s) you have and what dates/locations work) so we can help you find a solution.

The #PLAYLAX2020 registration hub is a quick, easy and risk-free way for you to work towards a 2020 solution for your team(s). Registration does not guarantee placement at en event but allows us to help place you into an event through our network and beyond.