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Northstar Showcase

Compete, Train & Develop

Full-Field Games with Officials
Collegiate format practice: Drills & Pace
Small-sided Games: Speed, Vision & Decisions
Northstar Performance Training: Collegiate Metrics

Seize The Day

Single-day showcase format 
Designed for the competitive player (2022-2025)
Insight into collegiate-level content & pace
Constructive Coaching & Promotion of team play
Develop game mentally & strategically

Recruiting Exposure

Full-Field Games Professionally Filmed
Film Included in Showcase Price
Recruiting Process Guidance
Shareable Film & Performance Data
College Experience Panel


  • Date: July 28-29, 2021
    • Wednesday 7/28: 2022/2023
    • Thursday 7/29: 2024/2025
  • Time: 9 AM - 5 PM
  • Location: Afrim's [969 Watervliet Shaker Rd. Colonie, NY 12205]
    • State-of-the-art turf facility with on-site concession/lounge
    • Easily accessible for Tri-State, New England, and 5 minutes from the Albany Airport
  • Cost: $295 per player (Game film Included)
  • Limited capacity per graduation year. Showcase is open to any/all entrants, and limited only by capacity, grade level, and position.

Premium Event, Premium Partners


“Excellent showcase; would sign up for one every week if offered. I loved the coaching and my daughter came home with only positive things to say. The feedback was constructive and focused. This was the best lacrosse experience we’ve ever had.”

Leadership. Talent. Development.

Is recruiting a hot topic in your lacrosse circles? It is in ours, and at its core, we love the subject ---- the process by which future collegiate student athletes 'match' with schools and programs that best fit their academic, athletic, and personal profiles, and the gateway to an incredibly special and once-in-a-lifetime experience as a college student athlete ---- but, the frame of reference can be skewed at times. The feelings of opportunity and excitement are sometimes replaced with pressure and uncertainty. We strongly believe that it's most important to focus on becoming the best student athlete possible, choosing opportunities to develop on and off the field. We believe priority #1 should be to become as recruitable as possible, so that when the time comes, you are in a position to maximize your opportunity. Focusing on your development (and this includes academic success first and foremost), along with due diligence, choosing strategic recruiting opportunities, and fostering your relationships within the sport, will help you take control of your own process, and put you in a position to succeed. 

The Northstar Showcase curriculum is intentionally designed to concentrate elements of the game which we believe will develop the student athlete and foster talent, competition, confidence, fun, camaraderie, knowledge, respect, leadership, and as a result, play a valuable role in making each athlete more recruitable, and better equipped to achieve their goals for 'next level' lacrosse. The NSS curriculum makes for a jam-packed, high-intensity, productive day of lacrosse.


We believe that individuals are products of their environment, their experiences, their teams, and their families - immediate and extended. From that simple concept, and what it means to us, the Northstar Lacrosse was established in 2012.  Northstar fosters unique, positive, and productive development experiences for talented young women. We welcome the next generation of student athlete leaders into the Northstar Lacrosse family, and into a network of confident, successful, and passionate individuals who aim to play a meaningful role in helping them achieve their dreams, on and off the lacrosse field.

Northstar Directors and Co-Founders have been on NCAA Championship teams, World Championship teams, traveling club teams, high school teams, middle school teams and youth teams. We attended camps, clinics, and tournaments over many years, and played multiple sports throughout our careers. We have also been a parent at each of these levels. We have been deeply involved in sports for as long as we each can remember. Our point? We have taken notes, gathered information, developed philosophies, and built lifelong relationships along the way. We aim to take all that we have gathered --- the good, the bad, the lessons, the “how to’s”, the “do’s”, and the “don'ts” --- and offer our insight and experience to the next generation of student athletes.

At our core is a strong commitment to do our best for Northstar athletes and their families, and to provide them with as much value as possible. We are confident that families will benefit from their experience, and we look forward to welcoming the next wave of athletes into our Northstar family.


The full-field games with refs was my favorite, it was great to see how each team blended together coming from different areas…it was all fun and full of learning”


Opt-In:"Sports Speed" Session

  • Directed By: Northstar Sports Performance Director, Ron Greenfield
  • Open to: 2022-2025
  • Date: Wednesday July 28, 2021
  • Time: 6-7 PM
  • Location: Afrim's [969 Watervliet Shaker Rd. Colonie, NY 12205]
  • Cost: $25 with Northstar Showcase registration; $50 per general admission
  • Philosophy: “Sports Speed” is highly trainable and everyone can improve!  This session complements the Northstar Showcase and focuses on 'First Step Explosion', 'Change of Direction' techniques, and drills to optimize your sport-specific playing speed. Each participant will receive a Northstar Training Packet  to take what you learn and practice at home!
  • Format: “Sports Speed” consists of: Speed Drills, Agility Drills, Balance Drills, Quickness Drills, Reaction DrillsChange of Direction DrillsDeceleration (critical to reducing injuries)Sports Speed Mechanics, and Speed Endurance
  • Goal: Each Participant improves acceleration starts, increases stride length and stride quickness, improves sports speed form and techniques, improves reaction time, and decreases potential for injuries.

2021 Recruiting Partner: Sports Recruits

  • Northstar Showcase Recruiting Platform: Coming Soon!


"Everything was so great! I LOVED the coaches they were my favorite because they cheered you on and wanted to win just as much as the players did!…my coach pulled me aside and told me what I was doing wrong/what I needed to work on which was very helpful!"

Northstar Directors

Ashley (Gersuk) Murphy

Ashley (Gersuk) Murphy

Co-Founder & Director

  • 2005 NCAA DI National Champion, Northwestern
  • 4-Time Northwestern Team Captain
  • National & Regional All-American
  • Big Ten Scholar-Athlete
  • #1 Goals Against Average in DI (2005)
  • ADK Chapter of US Lacrosse Hall of Fame Inductee
  • 15 years of industry experience
George Leveille

George Leveille

Co-Founder & Director

  • Founder, Lake Placid Summit (1990)
  • 30+ Year Coach, Volunteer, Player
  • ADK Chapter of US Lacrosse Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Former US Lacrosse Board of Directors
  • Father of two former US Men's National Team Members
  • 30+ years of industry experience
Kevin  Leveille

Kevin Leveille

Co-Founder & Director

  • 11-year MLL Career
  • 9-year MLL Captain (Boston, Chicago, Rochester)
  • #2 All-time MLL career goals list (294)
  • Team USA Member & Captain (2014)
  • 3-Time All-American & '03 Captain, UMass
  • ADK Chapter of US Lacrosse Hall of Fame Inductee
  • 17 years of industry experience